The perfect workout. Does it Exist?


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Hi everyone, how’s your vacation going?

In today’s article, I’m going to talk to you about what or how we should train in order not to lose that motivation and continue to progress in our goal. Many of you end up giving up and giving up simply because your training seems very boring or, on the contrary, it seems very hard and intense.

Newcomers have it more complicated for the simple fact that they do not know very well what to do at first and have a huge mess in their heads. Do I do cardio on the treadmill? Do I train with the weights? Do I combine different methods?

Many times you feel compelled to do something that you may not like, and that is the problem. Why not choose a physical activity that appeals to you more than another? If you like to train more with free weights than with machines, why don’t you continue like this? Is there a 100% effective method? Maybe not but constancy and dedication are achieved when we do something that transmits passion. Choose something you like, such as swimming, and adapt this discipline to your goals. There are many ways to do sports, you just have to know how to choose well and stick with it. There is the key to reaching your goal and doing much more efficient workouts.

Perhaps you have been stagnant for a while and are not progressing. Perhaps you should ask yourself if what you are doing is what you like the most and if you do it with the strength, the desire, and the necessary motivation.

Also, sometimes the pleasant can be found in the annoying. With this, I mean that yes, for example, you do not think that you are going to like anything to take the bicycle and go out to do several kilometers, the same you try it and it ends up hooking you. Alone or with some company, be persistent with it and you will see how you discover very interesting things.

You may even run into the problem that you like many training methods or sports disciplines and you don’t know what to choose. The ideal is to combine or collate, that easy.

Yes, I’m honest, the best form of training lies in yourself and in what you want to do. Whatever you choose, choose it correctly. It tries and fails several times before finding the key. Where do you want to go?

I hope you like today’s entry and that you leave comments with your opinions, thoughts, etc. See you in future posts, greetings!


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