That magic pill: MOTIVATION and how to use it


Today we are going to tell you a secret: everyone knows to a greater or lesser extent what they should do to look or feel better. That easy! Another different thing is that we want to hear it out loud (being honest with ourselves costs a lot) or changes our habits (the vast majority of people know if they eat or drink too much if they play enough sports, etc)

When someone undergoes an important physical transformation (for example, loses a lot of weight) frequently, the people around them constantly ask: How did you do it? Everyone knows the answer to this question (they have changed their habits and through perseverance and effort they have achieved the results they wanted) but people are waiting for a “magic recipe” that will save them all this journey. Well, even if the marketing geniuses try to convince us of this, there are no magic pills that do the work for us, no fitness machines that make our abs tick while we watch TV sitting on the couch, or surgeries that give a permanent solution to our problems if we are not willing to change our lifestyle.


Why have you decided to make all that effort?

That is: What has been your MOTIVATION to change?

Motivation is what makes an individual act and behave in a certain way. It is a combination of intellectual, physiological, and psychological processes that decides, in a given situation, with what vigor to act and in which direction the energy is channeled. Or put another way: we must know that the effort involved in changing will bring us a benefit that WILL COMPENSATE us (for example: giving up the pleasure of eating that sweet every morning is compensated by the fact of being able to play with your child without getting tired because you’ve lost weight). It is at this point where each person sets their particular bar, so do not compare yourself with other people (just compare yourself with your old self) because all personal circumstances are different:

  • Beauty models charge to take care of themselves so they spend most of their time doing that. Don’t pretend to be like them.
  • Professional athletes must take care to prepare for the next game or competition. Their motivation is self-improvement (among others) and they spend a lot of time and effort training.
  • For many people, the motivation is HEALTH (to be able to live longer and with a better quality of life)
  • For other people, aesthetics is important and acts as a catalyst for change (to feel more attractive, etc)


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