Running on the beach: tips to not get tired before time


A  favorite summer image for every running lover is to run on the lonely beach with the pleasant sea breeze and the sun almost hidden by the sea. Do you see yourself in a similar image? Running on the beach provides important benefits that are worth taking advantage of if you have the opportunity. But it also presents some difficulties. It is important to know how to run on the beach so as not to tire yourself before your time and to avoid the risk of injury.

Know the benefits of running on the beach

Running on the beach brings important benefits that are interesting to know. So you can decide whether to do your running training on the beach or in a pedestrian area.

Running on the beach allows you to work different muscles

Running through the wet sand area at the seashore is very different from running on dry sand. In the area closest to the water, you will be able to establish a good race pace. In areas where the sand is softer, running is good strength training.

The diversity that running on the beach allows printing to your training is very interesting to work different muscles. In addition, you will make this a pleasant and non-routine time.

Running on the beach allows for low impact running

One of the most outstanding benefits of running on the beach is that doing it on soft, dry sand is a low-impact exercise. So is running in the beach area where the water already covers the sand and the feet are in the sea with each step.

This is something very positive for any runner due to its greater joint protection. But it is especially important in certain stages of a woman’s life, such as postpartum.

Running on the beach allows you to work your balance

Running on the beach forces you to work on your balance. This is necessary not only to avoid falling, but also to avoid injuries to the lower back and back.

Running on the beach allows you to feel the sea breeze

Did you know that the high concentration of negative ions in the sea breeze are very beneficial for health? Among other benefits of running on the beach, it stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain and improves oxygenation of the body. In addition, it favors the production of serotonin and contributes to the restoration of the pH of the skin.

Decide the best time to run on the beach

  • Your personal preferences. That at dusk and dawn there are fewer people on the beach, so you won’t have to dodge obstacles or slow down your race pace.
  • Running at hours when solar radiation is not a problem allows you to avoid using adequate protection.
  • Take into account the cleaning schedule of the beach where you are going to go for a run. During it, access is usually restricted.
  • Running in the late afternoon means the sand is warmer. Even if you run on roads, it is recommended that you take it into account.

Decide if you are going to run on wet or dry sand

As we mentioned in the benefits of running on the beach, it is very different. You can combine running sections on wet sand and on dry sand. Or do it only on one of them. Whatever you do, do it consciously.



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