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It seems that summer is coming and worrying about our body is back. Christmas and Easter are fun, but they also mean eating more than usual. It is advisable, once Christmas is over, to start looking after ourselves for the following summer. So, if you want to reach the summer of 2020 with the best physical condition you have ever had, in Practica Vida we leave you some exercises with which you will be able to reduce your waist and belly. So that the bull does not catch you!

In three months you can achieve a flat stomach and a good waist by applying a proper diet and a combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercises. You just have to do this training routine for 3 days a week. The rest of the days you will take an active rest. The idea is to decrease fat while increasing muscle tone. In this way, you get a flat stomach.

How to burn calories and tone at the same time

You should do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. To do this, you can choose between running, cycling, or elliptical, and combine it with half an hour of strength exercise in the abdomen and large muscle groups. In all the training sessions you do, you should include series of planks and strength exercises.

The idea is that in the long term you are working all the muscles of the abdomen, at the same time that you accelerate the metabolism and increase the burning of calories and fat. However, this indeed requires great willpower. You have to be consistent to see the results.

The plank, the quintessential exercise to reduce the gut

Among the most effective exercises for targeted fat burning in the abdominal area is the plank. You place your body in a horizontal position for the ground. Support your forearms and the balls of your feet. You must keep the body straight and strongly activate the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and legs. His would be to hold on for a minute in this position, rest for a half, and repeat. The more you train, the longer you will last in that position.

In addition to the basic exercise of the plank, it is possible to perform variations of it. For example, if you decide to support only one arm and one leg and raise the other two, lying on your side, you will do intense work focused on the obliques. You can also try to support only one arm and one leg … The idea is to vary so that the body does not get used to it.

Other exercises to tone the abdomen

In addition to the classic plank, other exercises help tone the abdomen, although a priori we think that it has nothing to do with it. For example:

  1. Squats. It is a strength exercise that requires the use of a large number of muscle groups. You have to spread your legs shoulder-width apart and mimic the act of sitting down. Lower your body with your back straight until your body is at a 90-degree angle with your knees. To increase the intensity you can hold the pose for 20 or 30 seconds or add weight to your shoulders. In addition to the abdomen, you will tone your legs and buttocks.
  2. Lounge or stride. This exercise is performed by moving one leg forward to a 90-degree angle with the knee as the body descends vertically. After a few seconds, it returns to the starting position. As with squats, this exercise also involves the quadriceps, glutes, and abs.
  3. Deadweight. This work is very complete and helps with the muscles of the core or the central area of ​​the body. With your legs spread shoulder-width apart, you should slightly bend your knees. A hip flexion or bow is then performed, bringing the arms to the midpoint between the knees and ankles. Remember that it is essential to do it with a straight back to avoid injury.
  4. Climbers. It is a dynamic plate. You get into the same plank position. Once placed, you should bring your knees, alternately, towards your chest. You should do this exercise for 1 minute.
  5. Burpees. This is one of the most complete and intense exercises. You should squat down with your hands on the ground and your head upright. Then move the legs back, with the feet together, and perform a push-up or chest dip. The legs are gathered in the starting position, there is a jump with a clap. This can be one of the most complete and tiring exercises.

The appropriate thing is to perform a total of 3 sets of 12 repetitions each. Take a 30-second break between each set to give your body some rest.

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