Raspberry Ketones – Does it Work?

This is a review of the Raspberry Ketones. Here we explain what Raspberry Ketone is, how it works, what ingredients it contains, its side effects, reviews of real customers, prices and the best places to buy it ( last update 2020 )

Raspberry Ketone Review

Herbal products to lose weight are everywhere today.

From acai berries to teas, each of the herbs is now associated with weight loss.

But the raspberry surpasses them all, since this fruit is slowly becoming the most popular product for most weight loss fans.Raspberry ketone

What is Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones are natural compounds found in red raspberries, which offer tons of health benefits.

Its fat-burning abilities were recently discovered by experts, it was also recommended by a famous doctor which made it one of the most popular dietary ingredients today.

Raspberry Ketone is the latest product launched by Bauer Nutrition, and it is one of their best-selling diet pills to date.

Since it is a fruit-based product, you may think that it is preferable to consume the berries instead of taking pills right?

Well, experts suggest that you need to consume 90 pounds of raspberries a day just to benefit from their fat burning properties.

This is why the addition of a supplement with raspberry ketones becomes an indispensable option.

Raspberry Ketones Benefits:

Raspberry Ketone has been designed to stand out from other fat burning supplements by combining raspberry ketones with a number of other ingredients, which expands the way you combat weight loss.

Raspberry Ketone Pills has the following properties:

  • Guarantees fat loss without side effects.
  • It helps improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food.
  • Increases the concentration of the protein known as adiponectin in the bloodstream to regulate the metabolism of fatty acids found in fat cells.
  • It improves the body’s capacity for stamina and resistance.
  • Detoxifies the body thanks to the action of green tea.
  • Promotes digestive and cardiovascular health.

The benefits of raspberry ketones related to weight loss have been determined in studies conducted in both rats and humans.

In recent, raspberry ketones have been shown to promote the burning of fats and increase metabolism together with other substances such as caffeine and green tea.

For these reasons, raspberry ketones are combined with other extracts, in order to match the effects studied.

Raspberry Ketone has been created to be completely safe for long-term use, and can be used by men and women without any restriction.

The supplement works best when used with a healthy diet, as well as when you exercise regularly, as the effects of the supplement are enhanced.

How Does Raspberry Ketones Work?

The formulation of this weight loss supplement activates the hormone adiponectin and elevates its levels to increase the body’s metabolic capacity to burn fat.

It also regulates the metabolic process itself to allow the body to burn its fat deposits at a rate that is more suitable for weight loss.

The higher the adiponectin levels in the body, the more difficult it is for fat accumulation to develop.

Instead of storing fat, adiponectin helps the metabolism convert it into energy, resulting in a natural way to suppress appetite.

An increase in adiponectin levels also helps produce norepinephrine in the body to accelerate the speed with which the body can burn fat, which automatically produces considerable weight loss.

The raspberry ketones found in this supplement have similar molecular structures that are found in two compounds capable of burning fat, which is why the supplement can increase lipolysis, the process of fat breakdown.

Lipolysis makes the cells more sensitive to the fat burning effects of norepinephrine due to its ability to break down fat.

In addition, adiponectin also increases the body’s temperature to release stored fats and break them down by burning them at a faster rate than most fat burners.

The secretion of adiponectin also regulates glucose levels; People with low adiponectin levels are more likely to get type II diabetes, develop obesity and fatty liver and be more prone to heart disease.

By retarding the potential absorption of unwanted fat in the body, this product helps not only to stop weight gain but also to prevent the development of medical conditions such as those mentioned.

A study conducted in 2008 showed that the application of raspberry ketones helped improve hair growth and skin elasticity over a period of five months.

Raspberry Ketones Ingredients:

While Raspberry Ketone is the most important active ingredient in this supplement, the additional ingredients provide considerable additional benefits.

Raspberry Ketone Ingredients

Each serving of Raspeberry Ketone contains:

CHROMIUM: 75 mcg

Chromium is a mineral that brings many health benefits. It is used in supplement to reduce weight and control appetite. It also helps to transport glucose to the cells, which reduces blood levels.


Widely used in other diet regimens due to its known properties to burn fat, only raspberry ketones of the very best quality are used in Raspberry Ketone pills.


It is believed that it is capable of contributing to the reduction of blood cholesterol and triglycerides; green tea extract can also increase the breakdown of fat in the body.

CAFFEINE: 400 mg

Known as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster, caffeine is used in small amounts in Raspberry Ketone Plus to take advantage of its natural benefits in a healthy way.


L-theanine contains substances that help us to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol , with what we manage to improve the cardiovascular health besides reducing the hypertension.

There are also several inactive ingredients in Raspberry Ketone Pills, which include microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

The capsules are not made of animal products, so they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Raspberry Ketone Dosage:

How to take Raspberry Ketone?

Take 1-2 pills, 1-2 times daily before each meal or as directed by your health care provider.

In addition, the official website of the product offers a food plan with 7 days of meals and advice completely free in order to enhance the burning of fat.

Raspberry Ketones Side Effects:

Because only the highest quality ingredients are used to produce Raspberry Ketone Pills, no side effects experienced by people who are currently taking it have been reported.

However, as in any medication, food or supplement, there may be a number of people who may be allergic, or prone to develop allergies, to some of the ingredients used in the formulation of the supplement, such as mango or seaweed.

Making sure to comply with the recommended dose for its use should allow you to enjoy the benefits of this capsule without worrying about possible complications.

Raspberry Ketones Customer Reviews


Totally recommended! I’m using my second bottle! Since I started using it I have been losing 4 pounds per week! A little exercise and a balanced diet, of course, but you lose weight much faster than with diet alone.


These pills are fantastic. I never thought I was going to lose weight. I was almost 18 kilos more. I started taking the Raspberry Ketone pills in early April and I have lost 9 kilos so far. I’m very happy thank you!


I tried all the possible weight loss products in the past, and nothing worked. I was very reluctant to this product, particularly because some critics say it has not been scientifically proven to be effective in humans. I bought it, though, because I was desperate. I love my food, sweets in particular, and when I’m hungry I can not help it.

But since I started taking this product, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. These products, combined, work wonders to suppress my appetite, and I was able to lose a few pounds in the first week (although I must admit that I helped with almost daily visits to the gym to do cardio for about an hour).

Having said that, I know that some people may find these pills useless, as they may not work for them. Whoever reads this review and wants to buy it, wait for a possibility of error. In the same way, I failed with other products that would otherwise work so well for other people. I do not think it’s the product’s fault, it all depends on how we react, the individuals. It is always a trial and error situation.

Where To Buy Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketone Plus is not available as retail in retail stores. It can only be purchased through the official Bauer Nutrition website . To buy your Raspberry Ketone Pills right now, visit its official website.

Raspberry Ketones Price:

On the official site of Bauer Nutrition different options are offered.

Buy 1 bottle of 30 capsules: $ 34.95 CLICK HERE TO BUY
Buy 2 bottles Get 1 Free: $69.90 CLICK HERE TO BUY
Buy 3 bottles Get 2 Free: $ 104.85 CLICK HERE TO BUY

Raspberry Ketones Pros and Cons

Among the pros can be cited

Stimulates fat burning
Reduces appetite and cravings for sweets
It is a supplement with multiple components, all acting synergistically.
Increases adiponectin levels.
It can be used by vegetarians and vegans
30 days money back guarantee

Among the cons you can quote

It can not be used by pregnant or lactating women.
It can not be used by children under 18 years of age.
Only available from the official website

Buy Now


Raspberry Ketone is a supplement that attacks the accumulation of fats in different ways: controlling the metabolic environment and reducing appetite, while increasing energy levels.

This is a special supplement for those who have resistance to weight loss in a conventional manner.

On the other hand, the stabilization of adiponectin levels allows to lose weight and not recover the lost kilos.


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