Redux Diet Pill – Miraculous Pill’s Reality

Redux Diet Pills:

Redux, the famous slimming pill, arrives at the cover of ‘Time’ because of the serious doubts that exist about its side effects.

Those who have tried all kinds of diets to get rid of overweight know that after the skinny cows come the redux diet pill bottlefat ones. After the sacrifice, not a few see with horror how the faithful of the scale returns to the same place where they began their diet. But this time everything seemed different with Redux, the first weight loss pill recently approved by the Food and Drugs Administration of the United States (FDA).

Since last May, when it began to sell, thousands of fat people were grateful that science had finally put itself in its wide skin. Many of the patients who have started taking it have seen 15 kilos disappear in just one month of treatment. But that is not the most surprising thing.

Consumers say that not only have they lost weight, but more importantly, they have lost the desire to eat, which allows them to follow a diet low in calories without having to suffer for discarding appetizing dishes. Redux is composed of Fenfluramine, a substance that stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that influences the appetite, making the person feel full with a small amount of food.

As if that were not enough, The pill not only makes people look good but also makes them feel good. This has led to the Redux being compared to Prozac, which also works in the production of serotonin. By stimulating the production of serotonin, the sensation of physical and emotional well-being also increases in patients.
Good, but …

They say that the good is short-lived, and that seems to be confirmed in this case. Last week the pill that all have described as “the most important discovery about weight loss of the century” arrived on the cover of Time magazine, and not precisely because of those surprising and positive effects

According to the American magazine, which dedicated an eight-page report, the substance that allows you to get rid of the pounds without going hungry is not as innocuous as it seemed. New research indicates that although many pounds are lost, there are doubts about the side effects.

So three months after having started a new era in the world of diets the Redux has gone to the bench of the accused. Because like any other medication, the pill has side effects. Some are simple discomforts-like fatigue, diarrhea, and dry mouth-but others are potentially dangerous.

In laboratory animals, the drug has been shown to cause brain damage and can cause a rare and fatal disorder called primary pulmonary hypertension (HPT), a disease that destroys the blood vessels of the lungs and heart. European researchers say that some patients who have taken the drug for more than three months significantly increase the risk of PPH.

And a recently published study suggests that the proportion is 46 patients in a million. The results of the new research have led scientists to try to establish whether it is more risky to remain obese – with the consequent risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer – or lose weight with the pill.

While there are those who point out that humans do not necessarily respond to drugs in the same way as animals, the federal health authorities have begun to worry about possible side effects as serious as the death of brain cells caused by a slight overdose of the substance.

Something that is possible, if one takes into account the euphoria that the drug is producing in the United States, a country where almost a quarter of the population is obese and it is estimated that 85,000 prescriptions are being made per week.

Now the criticism rains to the FDA for having approved – after 23 years – a medicine in a hurried form and without having taken into account all the results of the previous studies. Faced with the pressure of the immense obese population of the United States, some of the collateral effects that are now questioned could be overlooked.

Most likely, the FDA will open a waiting period while new clinical trials are carried out and the true risks are established. It’s not for everyone

What researchers agree is that losing weight with the famous pill is an unacceptable risk for those who do not have a real problem of overweight. The drug was approved for the treatment of clinical obesity and prescribed with the warning to take it only for a limited period in combination with an exercise program and a diet.

It has also been established that the pill only works for a while. Although patients manage to lose up to 15 kilos in a matter of one or two months, they earn it again when they stop taking it. But people’s obsession with having a thin figure is such that many people who are not medically qualified as obese have been taking it.

Experts in weight loss treatments point out that the publicity that has been given to the drug as a pill that allows weight loss without diet or exercise has led to misuse and dangerous use. The pill should only be taken for a while, combined with regular exercise and a change of diet, is the general warning.

According to endocrinologist Pablo Ashner, “the drug is a regulator of appetite, that is, it allows the patient to eat a diet,” said the specialist, “the best effect is after six months and up to a year. the person should be able to continue alone with a more balanced diet and exercises. ”

In this sense the pill is just ‘a push’ to start a treatment against obesity: make them see that yes it is possible to get rid of the kilos and increase their confidence in the effectiveness of the diets and exercise. There is no doubt that the studies that led to the creation of this type of medicine are revolutionary in the sense that they place obesity in the condition of a chronic disease, such as diabetes or hypertension.

Which means that the obese can eliminate the feeling of guilt about their condition and that, like any chronic condition, obesity can be treated with medication. And thanks to the progress made in recent years in the study of the causes of obesity is already brewing a new generation of medicines that could in the near future put an end to the nightmare of overweight

What do doctors say? Miguel Anzola, medical director of Euro├ętica laboratories, producers of a similar medicine that uses the same active ingredient of Redux, says: “All drugs have risks, side effects and contraindications, that’s why they are sold only under medical formula.” Fenfluramine is premium far from the amphetamines but with the advantage that the side effects are very rare.

It is of care, like the Prozac, which also has many warnings.Amphetamines are prohibited because they affect the central nervous system and produce tachycardia. “This drug does not take away hunger. The effect it produces is to stop the need to ingest carbohydrates but respect the protein intake

It is the most advanced that exists to treat obesity. But it is an aid to lose weight, which implies that you should also follow a diet and an exercise regimen. “For his part, the endocrinologist Pablo Ashner, says:” This drug stimulates or increases in the brain the levels of serotonin, which is what controls the mechanism of satiety.

There are appetite disorders in which the person does not feel full and tends to eat compulsively, so they can become obese. By taking the drug the transmission system is balanced and the person feels less anxiety, which helps him to follow a diet without much effort.

The drug is very useful in this type of case, especially in people who eat a lot of carbohydrates and do so by compulsion at odd hours. ” It is good to clarify that it is not a slimming drug but an appetite regulator that allows the patient to eat a better diet.

This diet pill does not burn fat, which would be ideal in a slimming drug. “It is not a drug to buy in a pharmacy, and if it is used without changing eating habits it does not work.” A person who does not have serious problems of eating disorders would not need this diet pill.

“It has been reported that people that are taking the drug, the risk of pulmonary fibrosis has increased, but the risk is still very low.” It is not a drug for everyone but well indicated, it is a very good help for the obese. What happens is that in the United States they have just approved it, but the drug has been in the European market for years. “


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