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These tips are very relevant to lose weight by walking effectively, safely and healthy.

Walk at a good pace

When your heart reaches 60% or 70% of its heart rate, you will have reached the ideal rate for your body to use its fat stores for fuel.

Heats up

Before and after setting that ideal walking pace, it is recommended that you walk at a slower pace. This will prevent injuries.

Introduce changes of rhythm

Either daily for a period of your walk, or during the full walk of one or two days a week, you can train at intervals. That is, pick up the pace for a couple of minutes to walk at a high and intense pace and then walk gently for the same amount of time.

Wear suitable clothing and footwear

It is key to avoiding injury. And it also allows you to complete a session in better physical condition.

Adopt a proper posture when walking

It is essential to take care of your body and avoid injuries. Also to achieve greater effectiveness when you want to lose weight by walking. It is important that your stride is natural. Do not lengthen it forcibly; you will walk further but you will not lose more weight. And, in addition, it can contribute to injury.

Keep your chest straight. And the shoulders relaxed. Touch the ground with your heel first. And let your toes give you momentum for the next stride.

Head and arm position is also important. Look straight ahead naturally. Bend your arms at a right angle and give you momentum as you walk. Swing them but do not pull them away from the body or force them to the body.

If it is more comfortable or safer, you can consider walking with a Nordic cane. It is an option that more and more people choose.

Determine the right path to lose weight by walking safely

As much as possible avoid hiking in the mountains, at least at first. Stones and obstacles can pose a risk. It is also advisable that you avoid walking through areas with high traffic and continuous road crossings. You would have to be stopping too many times to get through them.

If you start to go out to lose weight by walking and have led a sedentary life, the ideal is that you choose flat routes. Over time introducing ups and downs that involve a change of pace will be positive. And you can even combine walking with going up and down stairs to burn more calories with each session.

Walk while holding a deep abdominal breath

It will help you keep up. And for your body to receive the oxygen it requires for this activity.

Keep all of these issues in mind if you want to lose weight by walking. They will help you reach your fitness goals effectively. And to maintain activity and results over time. As you can see, losing weight on foot is possible and within your reach. Go ahead and start taking charge of your life today to achieve those goals you want to achieve.

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