How To Make Homemade Vegan Low Calorie Ice Cream


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We all always dream of enjoying a low calorie ice cream in summer that does not make us fat. And it is that normally this type of “dessert” we associate it with our childhood, with the warm summer afternoons and with that comforting feeling that causes savoring its creaminess, freshness and sweetness.

But although its flavor seems so exquisite and perfect, we know that we cannot take it every day and at all hours, due to its composition that is too high in fat and sugar.

However, with this recipe that we are going to give you, this summer you will be able to enjoy whenever you want to have a rich low-calorie ice cream, with 100% natural ingredients and totally homemade.

Low calorie ice cream recipe that is not fattening

By making this low calorie homemade recipe, you will get a vegan ice cream (without eggs and lactose free), hypocaloric (68 kcal / serving) and hyperproteic (5g vegan protein / serving).

Ingredients for 1L of ice cream (5 servings):

You can choose any of the flavors.

300 ml of vegetable milk: You can choose between soy, oat or almond milk. We recommend one with no more than 38kcal / 100ml, since the total calories of the ice cream will depend on the calories of the vegetable milk used. When measuring the quantity, you can use any container you have at home to measure quantities. Or use the shaker that is included when ordering the Smoothies Dry, in which the amount of 300 ml is indicated.

600 ml of Ice: as we have mentioned with vegetable milk, to measure the amount of ice you can also use the shaker.


Mixer to blend.
Measuring cup to measure the amount of non-dairy milk and the amount of ice.


Measure the quantities and pour the ingredients into the blender. First, add the non-dairy milk. Then the entire content of the envelope of the flavor you have chosen and, finally, the ice.

Blend the mixture for about 30 seconds.

And ready! You will get approximately 1L of ice cream with only 350 calories in total, 25g of vegan protein, 10g of fiber and less than 8g of sugar.

Finally, when consuming it, it is preferable to take it instantly because it is creamier at the moment. But you can also keep it in the freezer using fun ice cream molds.

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