How to lose weight by walking

Loosing weight by walking, it’s possible. And, in fact, for many people it is the best solution because due to their current physical condition they must do low-impact exercise. Considering losing weight by walking is a good idea when you have led a sedentary life. Walking to lose weight is not incompatible with practicing other physical exercise. You can combine it with another type of weight loss training. But if due to age, health or physical condition you cannot face others, calm down. With these tips, losing weight by walking will be at your fingertips.

Lose weight by walking, with or without a supportive diet?

It is important to be realistic; Food is key to reaching a healthy body weight and maintaining it over time. This does not necessarily have to be done with a specific diet. You can lose weight by walking by burning calories and fat. But a change in eating habits is necessary. And you must be aware that to lose weight you must always burn more calories than you consume.

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In other words, establishing a walking routine to lose weight is a good decision. You can lose weight by walking effectively. But if you normally eat more calories than you burn at the end of the day, you will not achieve your goals.

It’s that simple.

So the ideal is that you combine walking with a healthy, balanced and adequate diet for your daily energy expenditure.


2 key points to reach your weight goals step by step


1.- The time spent walking is key to losing weight by walking

The WHO advises walking for a minimum of 2.5 hours a week. This equates to 150 minutes that you can distribute as you see fit. But is it how long you really need to walk to lose weight?

It is important that you first take into account your physical form. If it is zero, starting to walk 30 minutes a day will seem like a world. It will cost you a lot and it can end up demotivating you. Therefore, the important thing is that you make the decision to walk. And, in principle, go the distance or walk the time that your body allows you. Making an effort not to give up when you start to feel tired, yes. But without forcing yourself to faint.

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Little by little you will pick up the rhythm and your body will improve its capacities and resistance. This way you can increase the time spent walking.

If you already have an acceptable physical shape or when you get there, you can consider how much you walk a day to lose weight. In principle, the minimum WHO recommendation for health is about 30 minutes every day 5 days a week. Or 22 minutes every day of the week. But to lose weight by walking it is advisable to increase that time on each walk.

The reason? During that time of physical exercise, your body is supplied with the sugars present in the blood as fuel. And only from then on does it begin to take in body fat for fuel. That is, if you want to lose weight by walking effectively you need to burn the fat that your body accumulates. And you will achieve that on walks of over 30 minutes.

2.- Establish a realistic and achievable walking routine

The routine helps you to fulfill each day, walking for the time and distance that you consider before leaving home. As long as it is realistic and achievable. Many people wonder what is the best time to walk and lose weight. The simple answer is when it is good for you to do it and you do not find excuses or problems to go for a walk.

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Do you have all the time at your disposal? Congratulations. In that case, it will be very easy to establish the best time for your routine to lose weight by walking. Some studies establish that going for a walk first thing in the morning is more effective. It is advisable to do it on an empty stomach or simply after taking some protein, without ingesting carbohydrates. Thus the organism begins earlier to capture body fat as fuel.

However, there is no general agreement on this issue. The important thing if you want to lose weight by walking is to do it when it suits you best according to your daily routine. This way you will avoid abandoning or finding excuses to postpone the walk.


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