7 Foods That Are Great For Natural Weight Loss

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Foods for Natural Weight Loss

I am here to share my personal experience, since it carries a lot more weight than any other testimony. I had been a victim of several chronic diseases from a long time. Having done all the experiments, I turned to the organic and natural food. With the help of it I successfully recovered from all the chronic illnesses that I had before. Meanwhile, I also lost around 60 pounds weight.

No drug, surgery or dieting was in my plan rather it was only the natural food. As I kept eating and experimenting things with natural and local foods as per plan, I discovered a lot of facts. One being the most significant is that there are few foods which naturally heal your body while there are others that badly distort and damage your body.

One most important thing is that a person should know how to differentiate between healthy and harmful foods. For the sake of your convenience, I have given the names and described the role they play. For now, these are my favorite foods, they may become yours as well. Give them a try and enjoy a healthy and smart life.


Most of the people do not know of the benefits that cinnamon carries. It does not only taste scrumptious but also acts as a helping hand in losing the desired weight. Consuming cinnamon means that your blood sugars are being regulated in an effective, active and efficient manner. The process of regulation of blood sugars is an instrumental part of the weight loss process. Therefore, use cinnamon and use it generously. You may add it to your coffee, smoothies or any cereal. With the help of cinnamon, lose your weight deliciously.


The broth is completely organic food that carries a lot of health as well as strength carrying ingredients. Doctors normally suggest broth to people who either are recovering from an accident, surgery or an illness. This establishes the fact that broth really carries a superpower along with healing power.

If you do not know how the broth is made, here is a simple and easily comprehendible recipe for you. First of all, you need to have your favorite vegetables. Chop them in equal sizes and cook them in water. Wait until all the vegetables become extra soft. Leave it overnight or wait for 6-7 hours. Drain the liquid part and cook it again just for the sake of heating it up. Add pepper or some other thing to give it a taste. Your broth is ready!
Cooked vegetables that were drained from broth can be consumed with fresh and healthy herbs. Overall, this whole recipe is not only healthy but strongly helpful in losing weight.

Fresh Juices:

Nothing can compensate for the flavor and healthy element of organic food. Fresh juices count for the same category. Instead of drinking packed juices that are contained in packing for, God Knows, how much time, rely on juices. Develop yourself a habit of drinking either vegetable juices or fresh fruit’s juices once in a day. You can also mix both as per your Fresh juices work amazingly in the body. They do not only boost up your consumption of antioxidants but also increase enzymes, minerals, and vitamins in the body. Try selecting the vegetables that are green in color, have a lot of water content and have an alkaline nature. Spinach, celery, apples, lemon, cucumber, pears and ginger is highly recommended. You will see a visible weight loss after giving fresh juices a try!

Extra Virgin Oil:

A lot of dieticians as well as doctors agree and endorse that coconut oil is no less than perfect food. It has all-encompassing and all embarrassing benefits. It contains a heavy amount of Lauric acid, which only occurs naturally in breast milk only, and who denies the importance and significance of mother’s milk? Extra virgin oil has healing power. It saves the body from dehydration. Moreover, extra virgin oil also acts as an anti-aging agent. Many people use it for cooking purposes as well since it is the only oil that can be cooked. It does not destabilize when exposed to high temperatures.


Lemons are used in a variety of food especially during summer. It tastes exceptionally well. As they have a citrus acid that helps a lot in digestion, it also plays its crucial role as a detoxifying agent. Lemons also have an alkaline impact on the body. All these qualities are found in things that guarantee weight loss, hence lemon is one of those organic foods that help in weight loss in a healthy manner. Use it on a daily basis, either add lemon juice in water or squeeze it on the food that you are eating.

Fresh and green vegetables:

As discussed earlier, green vegetables that are purely fresh have vast ranging positive impacts on health and weight loss. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consume a lot of fresh and green vegetables that you like. Green vegetables must be selected according to the season. Some of the fresh and green vegetables that have maximum health content and weight loss impact are parsley, broccoli, cucumber, baby spinach, basil green leaves, celery, and chard.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider is widely used in all kinds of food. It is made in a process called fermentation with the help of a fresh lemon cider. Apple cider contains huge traces of amino acids and enzymes along with vitamins and minerals. Apple cider is an instrumental healing ingredient. It can be consumed in various ways and can also be applied to injuries in either topical form or could be taken as a normal medicine.

However, one thing must be kept in mind that that apple cider vinegar that you select is extracted from organic apples and manufactured and kept in wooden barrels. A good apple cider vinegar has a strong odor. Also, when kept in front of life, a cobweb-like structure is seen which is called “mother”. All these features show that apple cider vinegar is of standard quality and can be used safely.

Healing foods are found everywhere in nature

Your body speaks and express its state. Listen to it and hear what it has to say. Try following its guidelines. Your body knows the best way to heal itself in a natural way. Foods which have healing powers should preferably be used.
I, hereby, hope that my blog would have inspired and motivated you to eat as much fresh food as possible.

You will not only realize and experience the joy of being hale and healthy but will also achieve desired weight in a natural and unaffected way without depriving yourself of food and going for heavy exercises.

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