Excuses for not going to the gym and how to beat them!


If, like a large number of mortals, you have decided to get in shape this month by moving your body in the gym, bravo! You are on the right track. Fitness, spinning, body pump, step, CrossFit, body attack, aquagym, boxing, on your own on the machines there are endless possibilities to work out and tone. But we are going to confess a secret: this initial motivation for the gym can decline over time if you do not find an incentive that makes you take a liking to it. Don’t panic! We have compiled the 5 most frequent excuses that can make you lose motivation to go to the gym to knock them down and make you see that you can overcome them.

1. I don’t have time

Perhaps this is the excuse par excellence: lack of time. Actually, we use it for many things: to read, to meet friends, to cook, to take care of ourselves. Enough! We have time for what we really want to do: it is a matter of priorities and not forget that going to the gym and doing sports is highly beneficial for both the body and the mind.

In addition, aware of this, gyms are usually open for much of the day (from 06:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) so that you can find the time that best suits you.

This is easily solved by setting a routine and reserving specific days on the calendar. That it can only be one day? Well, one day. Do not be overwhelmed by the frequency, but meet the set day and you will see how little by little the bug will bite you and you will end up going more days. So this one doesn’t work for us!

2. I get bored at the gym

Really? With the wide variety of free or directed activities that you can do? You can go to your ball, do intense and also moderate sports, give everything in spinning and release stress in body combat, hit dance in Zumba, relax in the sauna or do some lengths in the pool in the purest Mireia Belmonte style, among others. many things.

And with the people, you can meet? Look in the information panels at the entrance, there are often posters of people from the gym, groups that are formed from which true friendships come out (or who knows, sometimes love can also arise!).

If with this we have not achieved the sufficient motivation you need to not get bored at the gym, we propose one that you will love: you have several playlists on Spotify so that you can do your exercises listening to music and be much more fun. Find yours or make it yourself to your liking!

3. Tomorrow yes yes

The saying goes: do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Be realistic: tomorrow you will promise yourself the same, you will default again and you will enter a loop that is difficult to get out of. That is why we recommend that you follow our motto: today yes and tomorrow too. Do not disappoint yourself, take advantage of the day and you will see how at the end you will feel satisfied that you have managed to move from the sofa and give your body rhythm.

A good idea is to meet someone to go to the gym: your roommate, your sister, your best friend it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you also acquire a commitment with another person since that is more difficult to break. Do not make excuses for that person because she will sink in you right away and she will find another companion of fatigue!

4. I don’t have the right outfit

Let’s see we all like to be divine in any situation, but be fooled: in the gym, you are going to sweat and burn calories. And everyone is in the same situation

Put the glamor aside for later and go to the practical: comfortable, breathable clothing and some trainers. Equip yourself with a basic kit of headphones in case you want to listen to music, a bottle of water (essential to hydrate), a towel to dry the sweat, and go for it!

5. I am lazy to wash my hair every day

Surely you have heard many motivational phrases to go to the gym, but none of them respond to the real problem of having to wash your hair after a workout.

For this, we do have the definitive solution: dry shampoo! It is a shampoo that does not need water and that, with a few simple sprays on your hair, gives you an enormous sensation of cleanliness and movement instantly. And it leaves you with an irresistible smell.

What many women do in the gym is to collect their hair with a high ponytail, so after their exercise session they only have to apply it to the roots and, in a moment of nothing, they are ready to continue with their plans.



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