Correct poor posture with back exercises

Where does our bad posture come from?

Poor posture can be seen or felt, as this is associated with back pain. The head down, the shoulders, and the neck forward, all tilted because of the screen of our cell phones or our lifestyles do not help us to behave better. Back pain – often described as the disease of the century, because it is suffered enough by several people – is in fact linked to the sedentary lifestyle of our generation, to being most of the time sitting during work or to obesity problems.

However, posture and back pain can be complex to understand. Too often we tend to forget about these painful areas without realizing that there are multiple reasons that can cause these ailments. For example, a knee problem, imbalance, or a lack of mobility in the shoulder or pelvic area.

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All these problems are related to the postures that you will have to improve to avoid back pain. But don’t worry, there is nothing irreversible even if the pains have been there for a long time. What you should do is take care of your spine because it is the central part of the skeleton which ensures the maintenance of the entire body. However, it is not enough to change your posture and stay upright like an I. It is above all to respect the natural curvature of the spine, which tends to adopt an S shape.

Back exercises to improve posture

The key to correcting posture is by focusing on certain exercises to build your back. The plank and tractions are effective, but there are several solutions to strengthen and relax your back.

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First of all, it is important to identify the source of the problems in order to provide a long-term correction. There is no miracle treatment, but certain pain can be alleviated by doing exercises that can strengthen the back muscles. A follow-up and advice are essential for this.

Another option is doing yoga postures because they allow the person to stretch the body, making it more flexible and strong.

Some yoga poses that you could practice at home:

  • Downward Facing Dog / Upward Facing Dog
  • The boy
  • The cat and the cow
  • The bridge
  • Happy baby
  • Feet to chest

In 10 minutes you can practice these different postures when you get up or before going to bed, to stretch the body and relieve back pain.

Daily routine to take care of the back

Taking care of your posture is also adopting simple gestures and making them a habit to take care of your back. If you are one of those who spend most of the time sitting, use a chair that is adjustable and make sure that your workstation is in optimal conditions to reduce muscle tension. For this, put your computer screen at the same height as your eyes and your arms should be at the same height as your desk, so that you can put your forearms. Your thighs should be perpendicular to your bust and shoulders, and your legs should be bent to prevent your glutes from being too far back.

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One last tip, get moving! Keep your body and joints moving during the day. If the printer or coffee machine is far from your desk, this is perfect. By improving your posture, you will notice the benefits this brings to your overall health. You will have more energy because your muscles will work less but better and your mood will improve.


Shawna Anderson

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