Battle ropes exercise to gain weight loss


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It is not surprising that an element as simple as a rope has become so fashionable in the world of training and physical preparation, as soon as you have tried the effects of this type of training on your own meats, you realize its possibilities. and you understand why it is so engaging and motivating.

This type of training stands out for its physical demand, and is based on performing different exercises moving a thick rope, how? With one or both hands, creating waves of movement, more or less large, with a greater or lesser frequency, and with the possibility of working standing, kneeling, sitting, including other movements such as squats or lunge, and even back movements, forward, in diagonals and to the sides.

The rope itself can vary in length and thickness, everything will depend on the athlete who uses it, and you can include it in your workouts, to work resistance, power, loss of fat percentage as long as you take into account that you have to be enough fit to move it with the proper technique, or adapt the exercises to the physical condition of the athlete who is going to use it.

Benefits of working with Battle Rope

  1. Improved intermuscular coordination, due to its different movements and their combination; and intramuscular coordination due to the recruitment of fibers necessary to perform the exercises.
  2. Improved cardiovascular endurance and circulatory system, similar to the improvements provided by interval training.
  3. Work of the whole body in a single session, depending on the selected exercises.
  4. More training intensity in less time
  5. High caloric intake

If you have not tried it yet, do not hesitate, because I am sure that it will integrate perfectly into your workouts from the first moment you do it, and it will provide you with an extra intensity that will make you repeat.

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