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Jumping rope is a very beneficial exercise for both women and men. Jump rope is not just an exercise for children. This incredible exercise has truly amazing properties. It helps to lose weight, it helps to tone up, it’s fun… What’s more, if you look back, great athletes like Mohamed Ali or Rocky practiced it. Also stars like Scarlett Johanson or Madonna.

Benefits of skipping rope in your sports routine

The first thing you should know is that rope jumping is an aerobic exercise, as well as running, walking or cycling. However, the rope is an exercise that sets your heart to 2,000. Cardiovascular exercise is high and the best of all is that it is easy to perform, so you end up hooking a lot.

It is a wonderful exercise for the heart. In addition, it promotes muscular endurance, in addition to cardiovascular and respiratory. Muscular endurance refers to the ability of muscles to perform physical activity. If you manage to improve your muscular endurance, you will be helping your body to train more easily.

Lose weight and tone when skipping rope

The rope is an essential accessory if you want to lose weight. Burns a large number of calories and, at the same time, you work all the muscles. It is a high intensity exercise, so the body uses a lot of energy reserves. In other words, your body burns a large number of calories to jump rope.

In addition, it is the perfect ally to fight cellulite. This is because vertical jumps help to massage muscle tissues. This favors blood circulation, prevents varicose veins and helps against any venous problem. In a 60-pound person, skipping for an hour will burn about 700 calories.

Jumping rope is also a great toning exercise. It works all the muscles of the body. For example, moving the rope and rotating it requires great effort from the arms, shoulders, and pecs. However, it also influences the lower part. Jumping repeatedly for a long time causes the muscles to contract. You work to get good cushioning. In this way, the muscles are slimmer but do not gain volume. As with other sports, skipping helps to work the abdominal area. Little by little you will shape your abs and reduce your waist. This is a consequence of the posture that must be maintained.

Improved coordination and agility

Jumping rope is a great exercise for losing weight and toning, but it has other benefits as well.

At first it can be difficult to coordinate the arms with the feet. Jumping at the right time may not seem easy. However, jumping rope will help you gain agility. Each time you will move more fluidly and have a better synchronization of movements. In addition, with the succession of jumps and rhythms you will improve your posture and balance.

A good way to benefit from this training is to do jumps with one foot, double jumps, cross the rope, raise the knees … Use your imagination and do all the variations that you enjoy.

In addition, you will feel that little by little you have better coordination between your hands and your legs, which is beneficial to perform other exercises. Finally, tell you that by jumping rope you also gain aerobic and pulmonary capacity, that is, you gain resistance to perform other exercises. You will be able to increase the time and the rhythm progressively.

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