Why boxing is amazing


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Boxing is one of the oldest sports around and yet it has risen to fame in recent years. And is not for less! It is one of the sports that best helps to keep the body in shape, but also the mind. It has many benefits, both physical and psychological, that you should know. Let’s see why boxing is good!

Among the benefits that we find in practicing boxing is the feeling of elimination of stress, the toning of the muscles (both upper and lower) … In addition, it will help you lead a much healthier lifestyle. However, leaving aside all these benefits that we already know, we are going to see many others that, possibly, you did not know.

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The Unknown Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is one of the most complete exercises out there. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are more and more gyms dedicated to this sport. One of its main advantages is that it helps us burn fat, but it has many more benefits.

Did you know that boxing improves your balance considerably? You will have to maintain a fairly studied posture and never neglect your feet or legs. Little by little you will notice that your balance improves considerably. Maybe we will avoid a fall!

  1. Agility is another of the great qualities that boxing will bring you. You will increase your agility, since it is necessary to be faster than the opponent. This will positively influence the increase in your reflexes.
  2. You will have a much higher coordination than what you were used to. Your body will react quickly to what your mind thinks it needs. You will have coordinated the mind, the hands and the feet. It will be like a perfect dance!
  3. You will increase discipline. If you really consider that it is a sport that you like, you will quickly realize that it requires a high level of demand on your part. It is not worth going once a month.
  4. You will help your heart. Boxing, in addition to being a muscular work, is also cardiovascular and aerobic, so it will help improve blood flow and will be really positive for your heart.
  5. Boxing increases your self-esteem and you will become stronger mentally. Each step forward you take will bring you a great sense of satisfaction and strength. You will feel really good and that will give you more strength to continue working hard and fighting for what you want to achieve.
  6. You will have a really toned body. In the practice of this sport, all muscle groups are trained. Both the upper trunk and the lower trunk. You will see how little by little your muscles are toned.
  7. It is one of the most demanding sports as it requires coordination, agility, balance … Therefore, by practicing boxing, you will become a very complete athlete.

Before you start boxing

If all the wonderful benefits that boxing has have conquered you and you are thinking of signing up, you should know that the training is quite demanding. Start by doing cardiovascular exercises such as rope jumping, but also muscle exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups …

It is necessary to warm the whole body, as it will be made full use of. The whole body gets moving and burns a lot of fat. Therefore, consuming enough carbohydrates is necessary to give our body the energy it needs to work well.

Warming up well before starting to hit and stretching perfectly after training is essential to avoid possible injuries.

Boxing is a demanding, committed sport that will bring you many benefits. Get ready to fall in love!

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