Weight loss and physical exercise: how to stay motivated?


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We all know that losing weight is not easy. You have to train hard, start eating right, change some habits in your life, etc. Most of the time, these changes are very difficult to assimilate, and that is why today I give you some little tips not to throw in the towel, not to give up on your goal and so that you learn to enjoy the sport.

Should you tell the others?

Yes. There will be a small percentage of people who will tell you to quit, not to continue. Get away from them, run away. The rest will cheer you on and tell you that you are doing well. Especially when you start to lose your first kilos, since they will tell you about it and that is always a positive factor for self-esteem and the mind.

In addition, they will motivate and control you (depending on the person) and will tell you if you have made a mistake so as not to make the same mistake. Another important factor of telling people. is that it will imply that you yourself think that you should achieve that goal to show them that you can and should improve your physical appearance and your health. More or less, let’s say it is a challenge that you have to meet so that later, for example, they do not think otherwise.

In short, it is important that the people closest to you know that you are proposing the goal of losing weight, it is a very positive factor for you.

Don’t have time to do sports?

It is the typical excuse that is repeated millions of times. “I want to watch television, tomorrow I will do what I have to do today and tomorrow.” It is not a good idea. If you are the type of person who leaves a workout undone and then spends an extra hour in the gym the next day and does both workouts on the same day, let me tell you that is not the right thing to do.

Do your thing today and watch TV later. Tomorrow you will train again and you will have more time to do many more things later. If you do it the other way around, of course, you’ll be able to watch TV, but what about the next day? You will take up time in the gym that you could have used the day before, which is worse for you if you are looking for leisure time after training.

“I have to work”. “I have a lot of errands to run.” “I can’t, I’m going to the movies.” My advice: combine all of this with physical activity. These excuses are worthless. You always have 30 minutes or 1 hour to go for a run or go to the gym.

Alternatively, instead of going to the movies with your partner, propose to go for a run together one day. Instead of going to work by car (if it is not very, very, very far away) walk or cycle. Bring out the athlete’s imagination that you carry inside.

Do you get bored exercising?

Introduce variety. Play different sports. Don’t just focus on weight training or going for a run. There are a lot of classes (body combat, zumba) that will help you lose weight and many other sports disciplines that are accessible to most people (basketball, swimming, tennis).

Introduce new ways to train. For example: if you normally go for a 30-minute run, change it. Run 15 minutes at a gentle pace and another 15 minutes at a more intense pace. Another example: put 10-second sprints into your run every 5 minutes.

An example for the gym: do a couple of days or a week, training routines with the exercises that you like the most. This will make your training more enjoyable and will make you want to keep trying new exercises and/or training plans for the following weeks.

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