Weight loss and physical exercise: 3 tips to stay motivated


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Today we will see 3 last tips to keep in mind when losing weight and doing exercise. Remember that motivation and positivity are points in your favor to achieve your goal.

The temptation

Following an eating plan step to step is good, but how many times have you wanted to eat a pizza? Or a hamburger? French fries maybe? In any case, fighting temptation is difficult. Very very difficult.

I propose something, use one day a week to eat something you want! But be careful, don’t eat everything you want and watch how much you eat. You have to use your head. And remember, you can only do it once a week, don’t forget.

For example, from Monday to Saturday you have been eating correctly and have exercised every day that you had marked in your training plan. Well. Use Sunday to eat a pizza, in this way you will catch the next day with enthusiasm, you will give your mind a break and you can continue with the diet calmly. Choose a day and sin!

I’ve been in the gym for a long time and I’m tired of training

First of all, do not worry and do not get overwhelmed. It is very normal for this to happen to you! Taking time without stopping exercising and eating what you were not used to eating before costs a lot. Many times you will end up backpedaling, and many others you will spend a week without going to the gym. You however have to avoid all this.

Here’s a tip: give yourself treats or rewards once a month for successfully completing a good training plan. Like when parents buy toys, “prizes” etc. to the children for good grades.

Give yourself something that you have also earned: eat at your favorite restaurant or have them give you something as a gift or invite yourself something when you fulfill an established plan. You will see how you start to try twice as hard!

The holidays

When you have vacations, do not panic or start eating your head. Relax and enjoy the holidays, after all, it is the holidays.

If you are still determined to do some exercise, try to do the following so as not to neglect your physical form, go for a run on the beach for 15-25 minutes and then swim without stopping for another 15-25 minutes, but be careful not to appear on some deserted island!

Another alternative: in the hotel or apartment, do 5 sets of 12-15 repetitions of push-ups on the floor and 5 sets of 15-20 repetitions of trunk lifts on the floor. Rest 45-60 seconds between sets.

Continue living an amazing life!

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