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Hi all!

I wanted to start from the beginning for all those who are just beginning to change their way of life. Well, first of all, this is not easy. I got frustrated hundreds of times but I decided to continue to find out what my body really needed.

I was one of many people who fell into the trap of the famous miracle diets, until I understood that a diet is not following strict guidelines, but rather a dietary habit that one must acquire little by little, counting on a wide range of possibilities.

In short, we must not get carried away by everything they tell us, each one is a world, the same thing that does me good, maybe not you. For this reason, today I want to share certain guidelines to start with a healthy habit and from here on I leave it in your hands that you continue to show interest in advancing on this path.

Tips for a healthy habit

  • You have to detoxify the body, so drink at least two liters of water a day to do so.
  • Add green to all your meals, including breakfast, you can do it with a vegetable sandwich or a green smoothie.
  • Don’t be in a hurry, start small, 4 or 5 meals a day, exercising, changing habits, etc.
  • Try to write down what you eat and its nutritional facts as well as calories. This way you will know what you eat and what you need to change.
  • If you like alcohol, you should limit it to two drinks a week. It contains a lot of sugar and it also whets our appetite.
  • Subscribe to blogs that talk about diet and exercise to share information and data. Join the gym and, in addition to exercising, meet people who are in this world and thus find more motivation.
  • Forget about supplements that help you lose weight or chemical diuretics because they are bad for your health.
  • In the long run, they will show their rebound effect and we do not want everything that you can achieve to lose weight with the effort to recover it in a week.
  • Eat lots of fruit, especially at the beginning of the day.

I hope that these tips will help you to have a base in this new stage. The most important thing is to have one or more motivation to achieve the goals that we set ourselves. If he cannot motivate himself, he can enlist the help of professionals who can make a plan exclusively for us and encourage us at every step.

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