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Hi all!

I hope you have not yet thrown in the towel with your healthy life challenges because today I come to give you some tips to be able to lose a little more of that hated fat.

The first thing is to control the portions you eat, not everything that is “light” or good can be eaten without control.
It is good to consume more proteins than carbohydrates since this way you will consume fewer calories, taking into account that protein is more satisfying, thus controlling appetite and glucose.

This does not mean that we stop eating carbohydrates, but rather that we must include protein in each meal. Sometimes it seems silly, but chewing food for longer will increase the hormones responsible for satiety and at the end of the day you will not notice that you have eaten less than normal. The main rule, put aside the sedentary lifestyle. If you can’t join the gym, make your life have a bit of activity in it.

  • Take the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk down the street as if you are being chased, talk on the phone moving from one place to another, park the car further away from home, take advantage of the advertisements to do squats near the sofa. There are things to change your lifestyle!
  • Think that our metabolism needs that movement, we are made of many muscles that need that operation. If you stay on the couch you will set yourself back!
  • Going back to food, try to make it the most natural on the market. This advice is very important since more calories are burned during the digestion process when food is not processed.
  • Finally, the most sincere advice, you must learn to listen to yourself. To understand if what you feel is hunger or whim.
  • If it’s about hunger, you should eat asparagus, peas, or chicken; Other than that, if what you want to eat is pastries clearly it is just the anxiety and caprice, so try to avoid it; the only one who can change things is you!

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