Walking to lose weight: how you should do it to lose weight


Walking is highly recommended, and not just to lose weight. We lead a very sedentary lifestyle. We went from putting our asses in the toilet bowl in the morning to doing the same in the car seat or on public transport and then spending eight hours still in our office chair. That is if we go to work, of course, because if not everything is reduced to sitting in the different rooms of the house. In the end, we finish the working day and you no longer feel like moving from the sofa.

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Therefore, a good option, especially now that the good weather is coming and that the coronavirus seems to be beginning to subside, is to go for a walk around your beautiful city or town. In addition, picking up this habit will not only improve your health, but it will also help you lose weight, as long as you take care of your diet and, above all, watch what you eat at dinner.

Although food is the fundamental thing that you have to limit if you want to lose weight, exercising can also help you speed up the process and, of course, tone your figure. So, despite the fact that diet is truly essential to lose weight, if you walk, then the better.

We tell you what you can get out of walking and how much weight you can lose.

Walking to lose weight: how much to do to lose weight

Despite its simplicity, walking can have beneficial effects on you. Research published to date details that walking can reduce cardiovascular risk factors, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and the incidence of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

The exact number of calories you can burn if you walk depends on your body weight and the speed of your metabolism. In general, you can expect to burn between 700 and 1,000 calories over the course of a 10-mile walk. More or less, it takes 13 minutes to go one kilometer at a slow pace, so the faster you walk, the less it will take you to consume the calories.

If you walk for 4 days a week about 16 km/day and do not change your diet at all (you are supposed to eat healthily), you can lose up to half a kilo of fat per week

Experts recommend walking 10 miles a day if you want to lose weight. Remember that to lose a pound you must burn 3,500 calories, so the longer you walk, the more likely you are to lose weight faster.

Taking this into account, if you walk for 4 days a week about 16 km/day, and do not change your diet at all (you are supposed to eat healthily), you can lose up to half a kilo of fat per week, says personal trainer Daniel Bubnis.

So, your best option to lose weight is to combine walking with modifications in your diet, either eating fewer calories and simply healthier and fewer carbohydrates.

Beyond walking: six other ways to walk and move

In addition to walking, you can incorporate new habits into your routine that will keep you more active and, incidentally, will speed up your metabolism, which will lead to weight loss.

1) Walk when you talk on the phone

A person changed his life adopting a series of routines during his work hours. One of them was to walk whenever he spoke on the phone, something that helped her meet his daily step goal.

Extensive research, such as one by the University of Utah School of Medicine, has shown that walking for just 2 minutes after a long sitting is enough to potentially reduce the damage of a sedentary lifestyle.

2) Take a walk after eating

Taking a walk after eating not only makes lunch less fattening, it also makes you wake up and boosts your health.

3) Don’t take the elevator

Whenever you can, try going up and down the stairs instead of the elevator. It is easy to say and more difficult to do, but once you get into the habit you will not even know how much effort it takes. Don’t let telecommuting get to you or your metabolism, reader.
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4) Do the housework

It seems silly, but doing housework burns a lot of calories. Here is a basic guide to the energy you use to do each thing per hour:

  • Make the bed: 70 calories.
  • Doing the laundry: 148 calories.
  • Iron: 157 calories.
  • Sweep the house: 161.
  • Clean the dust: 166.
  • Cleaning the windows: 231.

5) Be active while watching a series or movie

You can watch TV while burning calories if you do light exercise in the meantime. For example, pedaling with a static pedal apparatus; lift weights with your arms or legs; work with an elastic band; squeeze a rubber ball to exercise your hands, etc.

Another exercise you can do is to contract your abs as you slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth until you are almost out of air.

6) Jump

Jumping is one of the most complete exercises – legs, arms, and buttocks are toned – and you can do it at home. You can help yourself with a rope, which you can buy at any sporting goods store. According to an article from Harvard University, jumping rope burns up to 444 calories in just 30 minutes. Jumping burns a lot of calories.


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