ViPR, a very functional tool for weight loss


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I debut as an author in PracticaVida with this post, where I am going to tell you about one of my favorite training materials both when I am training my students in group classes or personal training, and of course when I train myself: the ViPR, an object in simple principle, which little by little is becoming a very versatile and fun tool that makes every workout a challenge.

What is ViPR?

We attribute the creation to a Canadian coach, Michel Dalcourt. The ViPR is a hollow rubber tube with different grips whose weights range from 4 to 20 kilos, with which the union between movement and training becomes a reality. According to its inventor: ‚ÄúVIPR was created out of a need to encourage intentional movement and to mix strength training with functional training and movement. Movement is essential. And what constitutes effective movement is a mixture of lifting, displacement, and rotation. Integrated movements like these become incredibly effective in producing results when combined with loading. ”

And it is that ViPR in its beginnings was created to train ice hockey players, to be able to enhance their strength, stability, endurance, beyond conventional training, inspired by the work carried out on farms in Canadian lands (cutting trees, carrying sacks, carrying heavy objects) yes, in a fun, safe and efficient way, and without the need to step on a farm if you want to train.

What does ViPR mean?

Its name is not the result of chance, it comes from joining Vi (vitality/vitality) – P (performance/performance) – R (reconditioning/reconditioning), which are the 3 large groups of exercises used to train with the ViPR philosophy depending on the athlete, their goals, their characteristics, and their needs.

Why ViPR?

The benefits of training with ViPR are many since as I said it adapts to any type of person, then age, for example, is not a problem and neither is your fitness level, for me as a coach, one of its main advantages compared to other elements of the gym is that it works so many aspects of the physical condition of my students at the same time that the results are seen from the first moment.

Increased functional mobility and agility, improved stability, strength, and power, improved balance, and coordination, and of course increased calorie burn during and after workouts are others. the advantages and results it offers to its users.

Also, it does not require a specific space, you can train both inside and outside the gym (such as in a park), you can move it, drag it, load it, carry it, throw it, pass it, in short, several exercises and possibilities of movements almost infinite.


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