Tricks to get in shape without having to step on the gym


Normally we associate doing sports and getting fit with going to the gym, but you don’t need to touch any weights or step into the gym to train and improve your physical condition. There are many day-to-day details that will help us get in shape, and we have alternatives to the gym to train.

How to train without stepping on the gym?

Here we propose 6 tricks to get in shape outside the gym and surely if you follow these tips you will not take long to notice the results. Also, they are very easy to follow.

Take advantage of green spaces

Fortunately, the authorities of our municipalities are increasingly aware of the importance of an active lifestyle, and we find that most cities have areas where we can do sports outdoors. Having a green space to exercise is the perfect excuse to train and enjoy nature. The alternatives are multiple, from HIIT training to running, calisthenics, rope or any other activity that can be done outdoors.

Day to day exercise

You will be surprised how many people use the elevator instead of going up or down the stairs and the first thing they do when they get to the gym is go to the step machine. If there is a machine that simulates stairs, it is because going up and down stairs helps us tone buttocks or legs, it is one more way to stay active, and one of the most obvious examples that if you change your routine a little, you will gain in physical shape. Traveling by bike or on foot is another way of training in our day to day life, and we will not even realize it.

A healthy and balanced diet

There are two key factors when it comes to getting in shape: food and rest. You may have heard that we are what we eat, and it is true, so avoid ultra-processed foods and those that provide us with a lot of calories. Eat 3 fruits a day, eat 5 meals a day, drink at least 2 liters of water a day and try to regulate the timing of your meals. You can complete your diet with supplements for athletes. Also, don’t forget to get enough rest so that the body can recover.
4 jump into the water

Pool, beach, river, lake any option is interesting, but swim whenever you can. Swimming is the most complete sport there is, it is not a topic, since it allows us to work all muscle groups simultaneously: arms, legs, trunk. In addition, you will have to work your breathing, which will have an effect on an improvement of your cardiovascular capabilities. As if that were not enough, it is a non-harmful sport that can help us recover from injuries.

Dance whenever you can

Another interesting activity to exercise is dancing. If you are a shy person and you are ashamed to be seen dancing in public, you can do it at home, but try to dance whenever you can. Dancing provides us with discipline and coordination, a coordination that will help us especially as we get older. In addition to being a good physical activator, dance is joy, it helps us to leave behind the day-to-day stress, and that should be enough excuse to throw ourselves on the dance floor (even if it is domestic).

Walking is also doing sports

We said before that if you can walk to work, take advantage, but whether you walk in your day to day or if you go by other means of transport, you should bear in mind that activities such as trekking and hiking also help us get in shape. And not only that, we will walk in a natural environment, ideal to breathe fresh air and enjoy nature, a balance that your body and mind will thank you for. Do not miss the opportunity to exercise a little and enjoy the outdoors.


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