Training for weight loss at home


To get in shape and build muscle we can do many exercises at home. It is not necessary to go to the gym. If you are tired of crowds and prefer the tranquility and comfort of training at home, read on!

In addition, performing training exercises with your own weight is a very valid option. It will help you tone, be in shape and add the necessary muscle. You only have to make a small initial investment and you will have everything ready. Don’t forget your willpower!

The best exercises to train at home

Logically, not all exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, but many of the most important ones can.

  • Push-ups. The most important thing is the position. Avoid arching your back altogether. You must have your arms perfectly parallel and go up and down slowly without losing your posture. With this training, you will develop the pecs, shoulders, and triceps. When you have it mastered you can put weight on your back.
    Dominated. If you are really looking to develop your upper body, pull-ups are going to become your best ally. This exercise will activate your arms, back, shoulders, and abs. It is a super complete exercise! In order to do this, you are going to need to buy a bar. A Pull Up Mate is what you need to be able to start and improve this exercise. You will quickly start to see results.
  • Iron. The plank is a fairly complete exercise, as it activates both the upper and lower parts. You need to be in the good physical condition and have a lot of stamina. You must lie down on the body and support the weight on your forearms. Your back should be completely straight and your feet should be on tiptoe. With this exercise, you will train your shoulders, abs, and legs. Stay in that position for a minute. You may think that it is a short time. Let’s see if you can hold out!
  • Burpees. This exercise combines three in one. We start with a push-up + bluff + jump. It must be done next. It is a wonderful cardiovascular workout, while you tone and improve your physical condition.
  • Triceps barbell dips. For dips on parallel bars, as for chin-ups and rowing, it is necessary to have a Pull Up Mate with some Parallel Bars. This exercise is essential for developing the triceps, but it also helps with the lower pecs and shoulders. You will also demonstrate the strength you have in the abs.
  • Squats In this exercise you will have to perfectly maintain your posture so as not to damage your knees or back. Put your feet parallel to your shoulders and lower your glute slowly, as if you were sitting down. Most importantly, the knees should never go beyond the balls of the feet. When you have the technique in hand, you can put a barbell on your shoulders and add weight. You will see how wonderful!

Necessary material to train at home

To be able to exercise at home, it is advisable to buy some products. In this way, you will achieve a much greater result and you will better enhance your muscles. We have already mentioned some of them. Let’s see some of its properties!

Pull Up Mate

This product is a true marvel. In Practica Vida we have acquired it and we will not regret it. It is very functional and versatile.

We buy it in a transport bag, in case we want to train outdoors. Although the idea is to use it at home (as long as we have space), or in garages, patios. To say that it is not a light product (19Kg) and the bag is elongated. We do not recommend long trips with it at hand. The assembly is super simple and fast (in 2 minutes you have it assembled). The anchors of the bars are easy and fast to put. The base occupies an area of 117cm x 113cm. It has a maximum height of 2m, and you can put it in different positions or omit some of the bars to form other compositions and do different exercises. Everything that comes out of your imagination. We have felt that the product is made of good quality material, offers good stability, and supports a maximum weight of 110Kg.

It will allow you to perform back chin-ups, biceps, chest dips, leg lifts for abdominal work, triceps dips, etc. In the assembly instructions, we have some ideas for exercises. With this product, you will be able to train a large number of muscles and perform many training exercises.

Parallel Bars

It is the perfect complement to the Pull Up Mate. The combination of both will make you have the best gym equipment at home.

As with the Pull Up Mate, we buy it with a bag. The base measures 118cm x 124cm, has a height of 1.20cm, and a weight of 20Kg. It also supports a maximum weight of 110Kg. Use the same quick and easy anchoring system between bars. What is strange is that these Parallel Bars do not have anchors between the two legs (red) and the base (black), something that the Pull Up Mate does, thus offering more security.

Complement your training at home with other materials like:

Mat. Buying a mat will be great for you to be able to perform sit-ups comfortably without hurting your back.
Fitball. Work different parts of the body. Improves flexibility and physical dexterity. Correct bad posture. We can also buy it with the Pull Up Mate and Parallels Bars with the Home Gym Set.
Dumbbells. Investing in small weights will allow you to perfect and complement some exercises.

Getting the body you want by training at home is much easier than it seems. With the right equipment and will, you will achieve truly wonderful results.


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