Toning your arms: important exercises for fitness


When looking for changes in our physique, it is as important to eat a varied and balanced diet as it is to perform the appropriate exercises for toning. The basic idea of toning is that our body is firm when we are in a resting situation.

Although it sounds simple, the truth is that it is necessary to perform a series of more specific exercises, and for a long time, to be able to observe the results.Today we are going to focus on how we can tone a very visible part of our body: the arms.

The first thing we must understand is that it is not necessary to go to the gym to tone our arms. Although it is true that it is highly recommended, we can perform numerous exercises at home that help us to make our arms firm.

Many women focus on training especially the lower body. We focus on the legs and glutes and forget to tone the upper part. This is an error that we are going to begin to solve.

Arm toning and fitness exercises

  • One of the most basic and important exercises when it comes to firming up our arms is push-ups. Push-ups are the perfect ally for working the chest, but they are also very good for working the triceps. To do it, you only have to lie down facing the ground. The hands should be placed slightly wider than the shoulders. We raise our bodies by making force with our arms and keeping our feet on the ground. We must go down in the same time that we have gone up, not let ourselves fall.
  • Tricep curls are also important in the toning process. The implementation is very similar to the previous one but, in this case, we must place the arms directly under the shoulders. In this way, we get the force to go directly to the triceps. It is important to maintain good posture. The elbows should not point outwards, but backward, in a straight line with the body. Don’t separate your arms from your body.
  • Lateral raises are also highly recommended. This is done to tone our shoulders, which is a totally visible part of summer. We stand up, with our knees slightly bent and with some weight on our hands. We can buy some weights or just use milk cartons. We have to raise our arms until the wrist and elbow are fully aligned with our shoulders. We can also do shoulder presses. In this case, what we do is raise our arms above our heads.
  • To perform triceps dips, you will need a stool, sofa, table, or chair. In this case, we place our backs on the sofa or the material we have chosen and rest our hands on it. The fingers of the hands should face us. What we have to do is bend the elbows and go down with a completely straight back.

All these exercises can be done both at home and in the gym. If you are constantly in the realization, in a matter of a month you will begin to notice the results. Toning your arms is much easier than it seems!


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