Tips for perfect hydration after exercise


After an intense session in the gym and having spent time activating our body, it is also essential to take care of our skin. When we do sports, the pores of the skin open, and a large number of toxins are eliminated.

However, the skin becomes dehydrated when we sweat and needs an extra dose of cleansing and nutrition. What should this post-workout beauty routine look like? We explain it to you!

Like our body, the skin needs specific care after returning home from the gym or going for a run in the fresh air. What are the steps we must follow?

1 – Cold or warm shower

The first thing is to take a shower. But remember, do it with water at a suitable temperature. The best option is to use cold or warm water instead of hot. This will help to close the pores of the skin, stimulate blood circulation and promote better rest. Coldwater is ideal as a recovery for athletes.

2- Clean your skin

Physical activity makes us sweat, causing alterations in the PH of the skin. This will generate more dirt on the face due to external agents, especially if we train outdoors. And, at the same time, the skin will be more dehydrated.

What we must do is cleanse the skin with cleansing oils, make-up remover milk, micellar water, or a biphasic formula. In this way, all those toxins and dirt present on your skin will be eliminated.

3- Hydration

Subsequently, you must nourish and regenerate the skin with a moisturizer. It is a fundamental step for the face to recover its nutrients, have the moisture it needs, and can return to its natural state.

But not only the face, but you should also apply a cream that deeply hydrates the body. This routine will make your skin more rested and, above all, healthy.

4- Avoid scrubs

Don’t use cleansers that can be harsh on the skin. In the same way, scrubs and peels should be left for another time. At this time, the skin is weaker and more sensitive, so it needs cleaning and hydration.

5- Use sunscreen

If you train in the morning, you should apply sunscreen before exercising and after this post-workout beauty routine. This is even more important if you do sports outdoors.

What kind of sun cream do you need before training? It must have at least 30 SPF protection to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, when you sweat, the most normal thing is that the cream loses its effect. Therefore, use a waterproof cream.

And for later? Later, you can opt for a cream with sun protection from 30 SPF. This is an essential aspect when there are high temperatures such as in summer since the sun penetrates more intensely on the skin of the face.

6- The importance of hydration and rest

After a relaxing shower and a skincare routine, you should have a light dinner and drink plenty of water. It will be the way to regain the hydration that your body needs both outside and inside.

In turn, rest is a very relevant element to obtain a good recovery. Sleep between 6 and 8 hours to regenerate muscles and tissues after the day’s activity. The next day, you will wake up with the energy to start the new day.

Remember, follow these recommendations to have hydrated and healthy skin after playing sports!


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