Tips for not leaving the gym, do not lose motivation!


Hi all!

Are you lazy to start playing sports? Do you want tricks to not leave the gym and be constant? Let’s see if I can help you with this article.

It must be recognized that just as you can get a tremendous desire to get in shape, at the same speed they can vanish if we do not put a little effort into it. Within the good resolutions of each year, to get in shape, take care of ourselves more, exercise they represent approximately 45% of the total of good resolutions that we do, but only 19% of the people fulfill it; And it is that training itself is hard, tired, the next day the stiffness hurts, and getting to see results, or someone telling you that you are going to the gym, is a slow process and in many cases ungrateful.

But do not despair, I offer you some very simple tips that will make your workouts the most desired moment of the day, that fun time that you do not want to miss for the world:

  1. Train with a friend, something as simple as sharing a common goal with someone will help you not miss any training session and also try harder in each workout.
  2. Try personal training, a fun and effective way to achieve the results you crave, leave behind the myths surrounding this service and take the opportunity to be taught and guided by a physical activity professional.
  3. Use new tools, surely you have seen them around the room, BOSUS, TRX, ViPR’s, Kettlebells. Don’t be afraid and seek help to teach you how to use them and include them in your daily routine, you will see how suddenly you find yourself with a new world of possibilities.
  4. Change the way you train, not forever, but look for periods in which you can stop your classic training, and use new or different training methods (change from Weider to Torso-Leg routines, do more swimming) this will make both On a bodily level, as well as on a psychological level, your body does not fall into monotony and does not stagnate in results.
  5. Do group classes, maybe you might want to enter group classes, look in your gym schedule for the ones that best suit your physical condition, your goals, and especially your tastes, I, for example, do not see myself in a class of Zumba but maybe yes in a BodyPump, BodyCombat, AquaGym class there is something for everyone!

Set credible, achievable, and measurable goals and review them periodically, it is useless to want to lose weight if you don’t know how much weight you need to lose, and how you are losing it. Surely in your gym, there is a nutrition service, if not, outside the center you can get an external nutritionist who will measure your progress and advise you on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it do you dare to follow a challenge of training?

I hope that these tips can help you stay motivated, and thus achieve the goals that you have set in your training, they do work for me.


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