This is the motivation you need to exercise in winter

In a few weeks we will welcome winter, and with this season will come the cold, the rain, and the desire to stay at home lying on the sofa months of colder! If you are one of those who prefer to stay at home, we tell you the motivation you need to exercise in winter.

How to motivate yourself to exercise in winter?

Winter is a good time to spend more hours at home, eat more calories, sleep more, and reduce the level of physical activity that we do during the rest of the year. However, despite the cold and inclement weather, there are many interesting ways to motivate yourself to exercise between December and March. If you want to practice winter sports and keep fit, here is how to motivate yourself to exercise in winter:

1. Find the sport that motivates you the most

With the cold we need extra motivation to do physical exercise, therefore, a good idea is to choose the sport or training that motivates you the most, and avoid practicing all those sports that make you lazier.

If with the excuse of winter you prefer, for example, to join a gym so you don’t have to be cold outside while you train, do it! The important thing now is that you do not stop doing physical exercise and that you continue to be motivated to move your body during the winter.

2. You will be happier

Although winter is just around the corner, do not forget that when you practice physical exercise you can become happier, simply because by training you will release endorphins and this will make you feel more positive and smiling also during the winter months.

3. You will strengthen your immune system

Tired of catching the flu every winter and having to convalesce for several days? Low winter temperatures can make you sick multiple times throughout this season. However, doing physical exercise regularly will be strengthening your immune system and thus keep away all viruses and diseases typical of this season.

4. You will stay online

It is a real fact that during the winter months we increase, without realizing it, our caloric intake and we also tend to eat foods that contain more fat and carbohydrates. If you practice physical exercise during the winter, you will not have this problem, and the scale will not reproach you when spring arrives.

And it is that when you run in the cold or you train and you stay active, it is easier to say goodbye to all those temptations that make us gain weight. In addition, you will maintain a more active metabolism if you do physical exercise.

5. Divide the training

If the weather conditions are not good and the rain or cold makes you uncomfortable going outside to train, do not force yourself. It is preferable that you do, for example, half of the training outside the home and that you do the other half on a covered surface, either in the gym or, doing a complete exercise table at home.

6. Wear the right equipment

Try not to let the subject of clothing be an impediment to stop exercising outdoors in winter. Choose sports equipment suitable for low temperatures and that way it will cost you less to go out to train every day.

7. Don’t let the cold stop you

Always remember that when you go out to do sports in winter, you will feel the cold only when you go out. In a few minutes and after a slight warm-up, the feeling of cold will disappear and you will reach the perfect body temperature again.


Shawna Anderson

Bsc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the Complutense University of Madrid. I love writing about nutrition and health and related topics. I have written for some famous newspapers and magazines for the last 6 years.

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