The importance of exercising your legs


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In all gyms, there is the same trend: a group of people who only train the upper body. The reasons may be several. First of all, because it is the part of the body that widens the fastest. Second, because it is the most attractive part of the body and the one that provides the greatest beauty, or so some believe.

These facts cause sloppiness when it comes to exercising your legs in the gym or outdoors. The result is the configuration of an inverted triangle body, that is, the base is as if the shoulders were and the vertex the legs. This configuration has two main problems: a structure of little beauty and incomplete development of the musculature.

Training the legs is a fundamental part of all training. When the muscle mass is exercised, the anabolic hormone is generated, which is responsible for the development of the muscles. The problem is that two-thirds of the muscles are in the legs, so if they are not exercised, muscle development is lost. In addition, by working the legs, you will also be enhancing the muscular increase of the upper body.

What happens if we don’t want to gain muscle mass in our legs?

The legs must always be exercised. In the event that we believe that we already have enough muscle mass in the upper body, what we have to do is exercise the legs but without reaching exhaustion or overload. That is, at the end of the exercise we have to have the impression that we still have the strength to do more repetitions.

Advantages of exercising your legs

As we have already discussed, leg training enhances the muscle development of the entire body, including the upper body. Added to this is the burning of fat by having two-thirds of the muscle mass in the legs, which helps to further mark the upper body.

The effects of exercising the legs also fall on the back. If you have weak and weak legs, the back will suffer and we will have problems. The legs are responsible for supporting the entire weight of the body, if they do not have enough strength they will make the lower back come into play and end up causing pain.

On the other hand, we will get firmer buttocks. This is one of the main goals of women.

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