The happiness of sport: why exercising makes us feel good


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Have you noticed that you do sports and discover that you are happier and more content? It’s not just you, it’s something global. While those who do not usually do sports regularly consider it to be an unnecessary suffering, for others it is practically essential to live.

What hormones do we release when doing sports

Surely, by now you already know that during exercise we release numerous hormones. Among them are, for example, serotonin, dopamine, or endorphins. The benefits they cause us are enormous and, with it, the feeling of wanting and wanting more. What do the different hormones cause us?

When doing sports we release hormones such as serotonin. This is released after exercising, especially when we are outdoors.

Dopamine is another of the hormones that is released when we exercise. Dopamine is what is responsible for transmitting a great sensation of pleasure. This feeling is what makes us feel that we want more and more.

Endormines are hormones that, when released, make us feel good immediately after playing sports. In addition, endorphins also work as a natural pain reliever as it reduces the sensation of pain, anxiety and stress.

However, endorphins are not the only thing that makes us feel good and happy after doing sports. It also makes us feel more active, more agile, and more energetic. In addition, it improves our physical appearance, therefore, it also improves our self-esteem.

During sports, especially in team or group sports, it implies that we must interact with other people. This factor is really important.

So yeah, it’s not a coincidence. Playing sports regularly makes us feel happier and helps our body de-stress, think more clearly, think calmly and define itself as something close to happiness.

The “happiness” sports gives us

There are numerous studies that claim that taking 30 minutes a day for a walk makes us feel much better. What is necessary is that our heart rate increases. When you walk, run, dance, box or jump, your heart rate speeds up and therefore your brain receives more oxygen. This oxygen enters the lungs and goes directly to the blood, the brain and all the organs.

Actually, although we usually associate sports practice with improving our physical condition, the truth is that it is the brain that benefits the most from this situation. What’s more, it uses a third of the oxygen that enters the body. It helps, for example, to improve memory and acquire new knowledge.

In addition, when doing aerobic sports, we also increase our heart rate, breathe deeper and get more oxygen to the brain. Exercise helps increase the activity of neurotransmitters. These improve heart rate, digestion, breathing, mood or concentration among others.

With all this, exercise is much more than physical benefit. It makes you happier, more optimistic and fight against mental illnesses such as depression, routine, or stagnation.

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