7 Smoothie Recipes for Rapid Weight loss

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Smoothies for rapid weight loss

Smoothies, that have a minimum content of fats and, the maximum content of essential nutrients, are one of the popular and healthy foods of this present world. It was first introduced in the American markets that were best known for health and food. It means that since its inception, the first target of smoothies is to contribute towards the health in a much possible positive way. Smoothies are basically a mixture of fruits or vegetables in dairy products like milk, yogurt, cream, and butter. Nuts may also be added in addition to the topping.

Vegetables and fruits may be used in their fresh or frozen forms. Moreover, along with proteins and other nutrients, smoothies provide a rich number of fibers. Smoothies also play an instrumental role in losing weight. This role of smoothies makes it more popular amongst the masses.

Seven Smoothies Recipes For Weight Loss:

We are here to provide you seven different recipes of smoothies that play a crucial role in not only providing the body enough energy to carry on with hectic and heavy tasks but also facilitate in burning fats and losing weight.

Matcha Pear Green Protein Smoothie


    • Take two full scoops of protein powder
    • The flavor of protein powder should be vanilla
    • Take one full cup of almond milk
    • 1 full cup of spinach cut down in equal size
    • Take a pear which is neither very big nor too small
    • The skin of the pear should not be peeled off
    • Take one and a half teaspoon of Matcha tea powder

The reason why Matcha Pear Green Protein Smoothie works:

We are adding pear in this recipe because pear contains heavy amounts of vitamin c.

Fibers are also present in excess. Both these ingredients play their individual roles and we see the collective impact in the form of weight loss.

In addition to this, Matcha green tea provides a heavy amount of caffeine. The advantages of caffeine are double. On one hand, it gives a huge amount of energy and on the other hand, it boosts the metabolism rate of the body. As a result of which, fats burn at a rapid pace.

The protein present in Matcha Pear Green Protein Smoothie assists in retaining energy for a longer time.

The benefit of spinach is that it has lots of vitamins which our body needs and the calories per cup become only 6.

Recipe of Detox Green Smoothie:


    • Take half a cup of cold water
    • Take a single full stalk kale
    • Half a lemon would be required. Do not peel off the skin of the lemon
    • Take half an inch of ginger. Peel off its kin
    • Take a medium cucumber and peel it off. Take one-third of the peeled cucumber.
    • Take a pear which is neither too big nor too small
    • Mint would also be needed. Take only three leaves of it

The reason why Detox Green Smoothie works:

Ginger is quite beneficial in regulating the amount of cholesterol in the blood and promoting the metabolism level-up to 20 percent.

Pear contains not only 5.5 grams of fiber that fight the hungry state of body but also contains 100 calories.

Lemon contains vitamin c and helps in detoxification of the body.

Cucumber also possesses vitamin c that plays a vital role in the body’s detoxification.

Mint plays an important role in setting up proper digestion and in settling other digestion related functions.

Role of kale and spinach is that they curb appetite and you stay full for a longer time.

Recipe of a Watermelon Smoothie:


    • Take watermelon, take out its seeds. 6 full cups of water melon shall be used in the making of a water melon smoothie
    • Take 12 ice cubes which are deeply frozen
    • Take a full cup of lemon juice
    • Milk shall also be needed but there should not be any fat in the milk
    • Yogurt that is extremely low in fats and has a vanilla taste will be used in this recipe

The reason why a Watermelon Smoothie works:

Water melon has a rich quantity of vitamin A, vitamin C. it also contains B6 and thiamine.

Water melon possesses at least 30 calories per 100 grams.

The amount of fats in each wedge of water melon is no more than 1 gram.

There is no cholesterol present in water melon.

Milk that has low fats gives a lot of calcium along with vitamin D.

Water melon has more than 90 percent water and it helps in keeping the body hydrated.

Recipe of Pineapple-Banana Smoothie:


  • Take a full cup of pineapple
  • A full banana that is neither too big nor too small will be needed
  • One full apple of medium size. Do not peel it off
  • Take two full cups of spinach that is cut down into equal pieces. You may also use leaves of other green vegetables
  • Take cold water in between half and a full cup

The reason why Pineapple-Banana Smoothie works:

Pineapples have a lot of water present in them. They keep you full for a longer appetite and curbs the hunger waves.

Pineapples are instrumental in curbing the inflamed state of body and in helping with the digestion process. Both these things help a lot in reducing weight and losing calories

Bananas have a meager amount of calories as well as fats. But they have a lot of ingredients which does not let you feel hungry

Recipe of Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie


  • Take 8 ounces of water
  • Take half a banana that is big in size
  • Take half a cup of soy proteins
  • Half a table spoon of flaxseed shall also be required
  • Take one-fourth cup of fresh or frozen blueberries
  • Half a table spoon of apple juice
  • Add honey as per your taste
  • One full tea spoon of psyllium seed husks

The reason why the Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie works:

There are a lot of natural phytochemicals that are present in blueberries that act as anti-oxidants. They help a lot in burning calories accumulated in the belly and hence losing belly fat.

Blueberries provide a lot of dietary fiber as well as vitamin c and potassium

Husks of psyllium seeds are useful because they contain huge amounts of belly-filling fiber
Soy protein assists in curbing appetite

Flaxseed helps in suppressing hunger. It is also beneficial in burning a lot of fat through thermogenic fat burning. Improvement of metabolism is also done through it. Blood cholesterol levels are also maintained.

Recipe of an Apple-Strawberry Smoothie


  • Take one full cup of red strawberries that are either fresh or deeply frozen
  • Take an apple of a large size that is peeled off
  • 2 cups of equally cut spinach shall be needed
  • 8 ounces of water in cold form
  • Take almond milk which is not properly sweetened

The reason why Apple-Strawberry Smoothie works:

Apple present in Apple-Strawberry Smoothie contains fiber and polyphenols which are not easily digested. Hence, they play an important role in weight loss

Apple does not let you feel hungry by boosting up the feelings of fullness. Therefore, you restrain from eating a lot in meals.

There are a lot of oxidants that are present in apples and they help in weight loss

Strawberries have a lot of advantages. They cause an increment in the manufacturing of certain hormones that are mandatory in promoting metabolism. These hormones also suppress appetite.

In one full cup of strawberries, around 49 calories are present

Spinach and Avocado Smoothie


  • One full avocado that is neither too big nor too smallsmoothie for weight loss
  • 1 full cup of spinach cut down into equal parts
  • 1 full banana of medium size either in fresh or frozen form
  • Take one full table spoon of peanut butter for extra taste
  • 1 full cup of milk shall be needed that is extremely low in fats
  • Cold water

The reason why Spinach and Avocado Smoothie works:

Avocado helps a lot in boosting the absorption of nutrients that are present in the meal. In this way, hunger is coped.

Content of fats that are present in Spinach and Avocado Smoothie is mono-saturated. They assist in reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood. This ultimately leads to the burning of fats.

In addition to this, in one oz. serving of avocado, almost 8 percent of fibers that are of daily value and around 150 milligrams of potassium are present

Moreover, peanut butter curbs the feelings of hunger and keeps you from having heavy meals.

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