Routine for torso exercise and weight loss


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If you do not have bodybuilding equipment at home, we will show you a routine in which you can work all the muscles of the torso!

It consists of performing a series of basic exercises that involve several muscle groups in their execution in which we use only our own body weight. If you are not going to the gym, you can use material from home or take advantage of the urban furniture on the street.

I advise you to take note of your workouts and that little by little (according to each one) you progress and increase the workload, that is, doing more repetitions, adding more intensity to the exercise (cadence), or raising the weight. In addition to doing variants of each exercise from time to time. These are the exercises:

Pull-Ups in workout

It consists of lifting our own body weight, without swinging with the legs, going up to align the bar with the chin, and going down until fully stretched. Contrary to popular belief, to engage with more intensity and recruit a greater number of latissimus dorsi fibers, it must be done with hands at shoulder width and with a supine grip. Although to vary our workouts from time to time you have to vary the grip and the width. This exercise involves the latissimus dorsi, biceps, teres major and teres minor, deltoids (shoulder), trapezius, rhomboids, and pectoralis.

Push-ups in workout

A basic exercise that involves the pectoral, depending on the inclination we can work the different portions of the pectoral, in addition, the triceps also intervenes and to a lesser extent the abdominals (by keeping them in tension).

If we have the legs elevated we will be working the lower part of the pectoral, yes, on the contrary, we raise the trunk more than the legs we work the upper part. The more we join the hands towards the center, the more we will work the internal part (line of the middle of the chest) for this I recommend the diamond push-ups (forming a triangle with the hands).

ABS in workout

I advise you to work the upper, lower, and oblique parts, this does not mean that when performing a certain exercise only that part is worked (this is a mistake, we always work the entire abdominal area) but we can emphasize a specific area.

We can do it in a circuit where we will do three exercises in a row without rest between them, after doing one lap we will rest for 1 minute, we will do 3 laps of the circuit. Or we do 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise resting one minute between them. We will work it in one way or another depending on the objective we are pursuing, if we want to burn fat I advise you to work it in a circuit, without our objective being muscle hypertrophy we will work it like any other muscle group.

These are the 3 exercises that can help out routinely:

Barbell or parallel knee raises (10 reps each lap)
Elevated Leg Crunches (20 – 50 reps each lap)
Lateral hip raise (15 – 25 reps each side) + isometric position 30 seconds each side.

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