Resurge – Does it Work For Weight Loss?

What is Resurge?

Resurge Herbal Tablets are dietary and sleep-inducing supplements that help in losing weight without the need for any physical effort. The product is not specific to particular sex for use. It is said to be okay when used with all sexes and body types. There are no restrictions on a diet as well while opting for the use of this dietary supplement.

How does Resurge Really Work?

Resurge Weight Loss Supplement

Resurge supplements helps in losing weight by regulating the sleep cycle. The regularization of the sleep cycle helps in improving the levels of human growth hormone for the individual. As a person ages, the release of human growth hormone (HGH) decreases, which causes many age related issues like decreased metabolism and fat mobilization inside the body.

With a proper sleep schedule, stress hormones like cortisol decrease in blood. This decrease helps in metabolizing the fat in the body and causes less fat to deposit. With less fat deposition, the body feels healthier and lighter, and there is a general increase in the body’s metabolism rate.

Lack of sleep causes an increase in the release of Leptin and Ghrelin’s two hunger initiating hormones. These hormones get released in the small intestine and certain parts of the brain. Ghrelin gets released in the pancreas as well.

As Resurge pills regulate the body’s sleep mechanism and help get better sleep, these hormones stay in check and don’t exceed their limits. Therefore, the person taken Resurge sleep supplements doesn’t feel an uncontrolled urge to eat and can observe a healthy diet.

Resurge Ingredients


This hormone regulates the sleeping cycles in the human body and is used to relieve jet-lag and sleeping discrepancies. As a component in these supplements, this hormone also plays the role of regulation of sleep and rests the individual. It also improves the intervals of deep sleep when taken. On average, it helps the person sleep 6 minutes faster.


It is found to be responsible be a cofactor for the enzymatic reaction. Zinc also improves the immunity of the body and better gene expressions. DNA synthesis and repairs and protein synthesis are aided by the presence of Zinc in the body. it also helps in regulating growth and development. This mineral is responsible for maintaining cardiovascular functions. It also aids in repairing muscle damage and regulate muscle function in the body. It holds the blood pressure and plays a part in decreasing the levels of cholesterol in the body


Botanically known as Withaniasomnifera, is an ancient medicinal herb. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety for the body. It also helps in boosting male fertility and testosterone production in men as well. It helps maintain a healthier body.


This amino acid helps send chemical signals for the production of serotonin in the human body. Serotonin is an essential hormone that is responsible for mood, social behaviors, digestion and appetite, memory, sleep, and sexual desires (libido).


This one is a natural relaxant. It is naturally present in tea, both black and green tea. It helps in maintaining more significant intervals of attention and improved brain activity.


This is an amino acid. It improves cardiac health and Is often used to treat cardiac heart failure, chest pain, and high blood pressure. Improved cardiac functions help in maintaining the other systems in the body going smoothly.


It is an amino acid that helps in promoting the healthy growth of the tissues. It helps in healing the damaged tissues faster.

Resurge Benefits:

  • Resurge helps in improving the overall health of a person. With improving sleep and metabolism come several health benefits from the pills:
  • The pills help their user to sleep better. This results in an overall increase in the wellbeing of the user.
  • Resurge pills help increase healthy metabolism, which in turn helps improve energy levels and the user’s health.
  • With better sleep and controlled release of appetite initiating hormones, Resurge pills decrease user’s cravings throughout the day, thus helping in weight loss.
  • Better sleep and metabolism helps in improving the user’s mental health and wellbeing.

Resurge Side Effects

Though the pills are made from all-natural ingredients, there might be some precautions one should take while using them.

  • People with underlying health conditions like heart disease, pulmonary issues, mental health issues, or psychological deficiencies should not seek help from the Resurge supplement.
  • Pregnant women seeking healthy weight loss should also stay away from this product. They should consult their doctor before taking any pills or dietary supplements.
  • People on regular medications like blood pressure or diabetes should also refrain from using these supplements. They need to get consent from their consulting physician before embarking on a journey to lose weight with Resurge pills’ help.
  • These supplements should also be kept at bay from the children. Young and growing people should not use this supplement without a clear indication from a board-certified physician.

Resurge Dosage

It is recommended to take one pill with a glass of water right before bedtime. It is advised for optimum results to consistently use the Resurge supplements for at least 90 to 180 days.

Is Resurge Legit?

Yes, Resurge is not a scam. Several hundred reviews were posted on the website and other review channels recommending the pills for weight loss and an overall improvement in health status. Resurge pills have quickly gained popularity and recognition because they have improved the lives of their users.

People have called the supplements a miracle and how, after using many health supplements, resurge was the one that ultimately helped them out.
The product is GMP certified and FDA approved, therefore it is safe to say that Resurge sleep supplement would not cause any uncertain side effects to the body.


Where to Buy Resurge?

There is no shop, however, that sells the product as of yet. The only way to purchase Resurge weight loss pills is to order online on their website. The shipping is without any additional charges, and the product comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Click Here to Visit Official Website

Resurge Price Packages:

The price per bottle originally is $297. This bottle contains 120 capsules that are enough to last a month. However, various discount packages can decrease the overall price of the product.
For the basic package, one bottle is sold for $ 59 only. This is a $238 decrease in the retail price. You can check the other price packages below.

Buy 1 Bottle Price: $59.00 + Shipping Fee Click Here to Buy
Buy 3 Bottles Price $47.00 each + Shipping Fee Click Here to Buy
Buy 6 Bottles Price $39.00 each + Shipping Fee Click Here to Buy



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