Reason behind weight gain during first month of diet


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This is something that happens to almost everyone who wants to lose weight and start a diet and exercise plan (ideally personalized, based on our body composition, goal, activity …). And the first thing they think is:

“This diet doesn’t work” or “I’m eating too much and that’s why I’m getting fat.”

That is why a large part of the people who start a plan of this type are discouraged and leave it the first month. But don’t give up, as this is just the beginning!

It is normal for this weight gain to cause this feeling, but it is far from the truth.

When starting a low-calorie diet, it is likely that we eat much more food than we have been eating so far, but what is the difference ?

the quality of these foods. By ditching junk food, fried foods, pastries, and refined sugars and replacing them with less caloric but more filling foods, we are saving a lot of calories every day, even if we don’t realize it.

foto-mujer-fitness ¿Por qué ganamos peso el primer mes de comenzar un plan de dieta y ejercicio?

Why do we gain weight in the first month of starting a diet and exercise plan?

And it is that being on a diet does not imply hunger at all, it is a change in habits, and a substitution of some foods for others of better quality.

But we have not yet answered the question that has brought us here: why do we gain weight when starting such a plan?

Well, this is due to physical activity, with which our body begins to generate muscle, and it weighs more than fat, occupying less volume, so we may be losing fat, but since the muscle we generate weighs more, we do not see significant changes in weight, or even an increase in weight.

1360861106_389415_1360861571_noticia_normal ¿Por qué ganamos peso el primer mes de comenzar un plan de dieta y ejercicio?

Therefore, for me, weight is not a reliable control measure on its own, but many other factors have to be taken into account such as measurements and percentage of body fat, among others.

This is normal for the first month. Afterwards, the body stabilizes and begins to lose more fat, since the very muscle that we have begun to generate helps us to do this.

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