Proactol XS – Does it Work?

What is Proactol XS?

Proactol XS is a natural dietary supplement helping to respond to aProactol XS public health problem that is gaining ground around the world: overweight. More than 25% of the French population is overweight, according to statistical data from the INVS (National Institute for Public Health Surveillance). According to WHO figures, there were about 2 billion people in the world who were overweight in 2016, including nearly 700 million obese people. The WHO also states that obesity and overweight, which result in an excessive build-up of fat in the body causes 2.8 million deaths a year

How Proactol XS Works?

The vast majority of fat burners owe their effectiveness to their ability to increase thermogenesis which corresponds to a heat production (almost imperceptible) in the body. This increase in temperature increases the calorie expenditure and induces the evacuation of fat. Which means that fat burning supplements speed up the metabolism.


Proactol XS works differently: block sugars and fats to achieve the same result as most fat burners. It forms a barrier filtering the passage of sugars and fats into the bloodstream. The body is unable to build energy reserves from fat masses. As a result, it goes, without saying, that the user of Proactol XS first will not grow more fat since his body does not manage to store fat. Then, since sugars and fats provide most calories, the blocking effect of Proactol XS results in low caloric intake. In summary, the dietary supplement Proactol XS allows you to eat as usual, but significantly reduces the calories consumption in your body.

Proactol XS can not be a panacea in the sphere of weight loss. It requires a minimum of discipline in eating habits. Certainly, it’s true that this supplement blocks sugars (carbohydrates) and fats (lipids), but it does not block protein and alcohol. Note that :

  • one gram of carbohydrate provides 4 calories to the body;
  • one gram of fat provides 9 calories to the body;
  • one gram of alcohol provides 7 calories to the body;
  • and one gram of protein provides 4 calories to the body.

By abusing alcohol for example, the unruly user could undermine the effects of the supplement. On the contrary, when used properly, Proactol XS is a valuable psychological aid in that it avoids the frustration of the draconian dietary restrictions of most diets. You can eat as usual by avoiding the abuse of alcohol, among other products harmful to health.


Proactol XS is not only a fat sensor, it is also known for its role of appetite suppressant. Once in the stomach, the slimming capsule forms a viscous compound that is digested very slowly. The user will be less hungry; he/she will even feel very satisfied. The slimming capsule is very useful to avoid cravings and nibbling.

PROACTOL XS Ingredients:

Proactolxs ingredients


The slimming capsule Proactol XS owes its action as a fat blocker to its main ingredient: chitosan (pronounced “kitosane”). It is a natural fiber obtained by deacetylation accentuated (more than 85%) of the chitin extracted from the mycelium of aspergillus niger , a filamentous fungus. (Chitin can be extracted from various sources including crustacean shells but the one used in Proactol is of plant origin, according to the manufacturer). Each Proactol XS capsule contains 500mg of chitosan.

Chitosan binds with sugars and fats in the body. Once linked, they can not be metabolized. Not being absorbed by the body, sugars and fats are evacuated out of the body. By reducing the amounts of lipids and carbohydrates absorbed in the stomach, chitosan helps to significantly reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol. Some researchers believe that chitosan will reduce uric acid and improve intestinal transit, but these benefits are not confirmed by other studies.


The manufacturer has incorporated other ingredients in the formulation of Proactol XS for its good preservation to ensure its long-term use. These include silicon that absorbs moisture and magnesium stearate which acts as a lubricant. For conditioning (the capsule), titanium dioxide and hypromellose were used. The manufacturer insists that the slimming capsule contains no gluten or animal substance.


The slimming capsule is developed by Bauer Nutrition, which belongs to the Bauer DMCC Group. European orders are fulfilled by the UK subsidiary and the products are made in the Wolfsonberg laboratories which has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of food supplements. Their products comply with International standards.

The manufacturer has called eminent researchers which include the Norwegian doctor Erling, who specializes in biochemistry and has published more than 37 articles in scientific journals. Also a member of the scientific team supervising the development of the slimming capsule, the German Alfred Hasselbacher is a professor at the University of Nauka in Berlin. One of his investigations focuses on how the body responds to alternative caloric deprivations.

Studies on the Effectiveness of Proactol XS:

There are many studies on the efficacy of Proactol XS. Here are two that might encourage you to take your supplement without fear.


In 2004, people suffering from obesity received 3g of chitosan every day with the key advised advice to balance their diet. After 6 months, people who took chitosan lost 2 to 4 kg more than another group of people who did not take the supplement.


In 2006, another investigation focused on 150 women divided into two groups. Those in the first group took 3g of chitosan for 60 days while those in the second group received only one placebo. The researchers found that women in the first group lost up to 3 kg more than those in the second group. In the opinion of researchers, the effectiveness of chitosan is proven.

According to several researchers who have taken the time to examine about fifteen research projects on the subject, Proactol XS is capable of capturing nearly one-third (27.4%) of the fats derived from the users’ diet. . What is already interesting to prevent weight loss when we know that about 40% of our food is composed of fat. Better yet, studies show that chitosan is able to “trap” fats weighing up to 15 times its weight. This is to say how much his action is pronounced. Also, the effectiveness of the slimming capsule is maximum when the administration of the chitosan-based supplement is associated with physical exercises and a healthy eating habit. Proactol XS is positioned as a 100% natural solution and almost without side effects to lose between 2 and 8kg per month.

French Scientific Study Highlighting The Action Of Chitosan on Lipids

A doctoral thesis defended in 1994 in Lyon 1 by Sandrine Demarger André, a specialist in macromolecular and composite materials, highlighted the interactions between chitosan and lipids. The researchers observed the formation of chitosan salts using water-soluble and low molecular weight carboxylic acids. (Chitosan is known to be one of the amines and is weakly basic, and it rapidly forms salts with certain acids such as carboxylic acids and acidic minerals.) The researchers then prepared films from these salts and observed their evolution in time. In the presence of water, there is hydrolysis of the salt with the weak, soluble and volatile acids while the film remains stable when it is obtained with a strong acid.

Also, using undecylenic acid, they characterized the effects of chitosan on the basis of liquid dispersions. They have shown that chitosan causes flocculation and then redispersion of lipid particles. Flocculation occurs when suspended solids in a liquid agglomerate and form flocs. In the opinion of researchers, chitosan damages the lipid layers of phosphatidylcholine and interacts with its liposomes (small bubbles). Phosphatidylcholine is a phospholipid, one of the forms in which lipids are found in plasma. As we see, the action of chitosan on lipids is not a view of the mind, it is rather scientifically proven. If you know french you can read about this study here.

American Scientific Study on Effectiveness Of Chitosan for Weight Loss

Researchers verified the effectiveness of chitosan-induced weight loss for 90 days. They divided 96 overweight individuals into 2 groups. Each person in the first group received a placebo without knowing it. And each member of the second group received daily five capsules containing 500mg of Chitosan. For the study to be unbiased, each participant kept his eating habits.

The researchers made two surveys; one at 45 days and the other at the end of 90 days. The researchers evaluated the results taking into account the lipid profile, the measurements and the body mass. At the end, each participant answered a series of questions about their usual diet.

The researchers found that people in the second group who took chitosan lost 3 kg more than those in the first group who received placebo. And that’s not all ! the researchers also noted that chitosan helped people who took it to adopt good eating habits. You can read about this study here.


The reliability of Proactol XS does not suffer from any irregularity. Indeed, concerned about its reputation and the well-being of its customers, the manufacturer does not skimp on the means to comply with quality standards and regulations. In Europe, for weight control, its product meets the MDD 93/42 / EEC standard . And when the manufacturer announces that its slimming capsule is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, it is because it has obtained a certification as organic product in this case France ECOc ert.

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Proactol XS Dosage:

On the official website of the manufacturer, the dosage is very clearly indicated: take 2 capsules 3 times a day before each main meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It is not recommended to exceed this dosage. It goes without saying that it is not advisable to try to make up for a forgotten dose. We encourage users to prioritize their health by scrupulously following the dosage on the manufacturer’s website. It is true that you can read something else online but the manufacturer’s recommendation to the primacy over everything that is written. in addition, the recommended duration of use is one to six months.


Proactol XS has some contraindications that it is important to know. The use of this slimming capsule is strictly not recommended for:

  • Children and adolescents;
  • People with diabetes;
  • Patients with kidney disorders;
  • Individuals who have problems with digestion;
  • Women in pregnancy;
  • Women who practice breastfeeding;
  • Already thin people (with a BMI below 18.5).

According to WHO, BMI (body mass index) is calculated by dividing its weight in kg by the square of its height in meters.

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Proactol XS Side Effects:

The prescribed doses should be followed to take full advantage of the Proactol XS dietary supplement. Even if it does not have the quality of medicine, Proactal XS is not a regular consumer food product. It must not be taken indiscriminately. Although it is a product formulated from 100% natural ingredients, the slimming capsule can cause side effects. It has been reported that in some people who usually have problems with digestion, the use of the Proactol XS slimming capsule can cause irritation of the intestine and bloating. That being said, this type of inconvenience is marginal and vanishes fairly quickly.

Proactol XS Price:

The price of the Proactol XS diet capsule is carefully framed to best satisfy the customer and ensure a great user experience.

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Where to Buy PROACTOL XS?

The capsule is available for purchase only on the official Bauer Nutrition website. This site is available in a dozen languages. In addition, it is sleek, ergonomic and navigation is rather easy. Customers are able to pay for their orders using international payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa, etc. Transactions are secured by cryptography; The personal and banking data provided remain confidential.

Can I Buy Proactol XS from Pharmacy or Local Store?

Proactol XS is not available in pharmacies or local stores. The first reason for the absence in pharmacies is that the manufacturer prefers to market this slimming capsule directly online. This choice is also motivated by the clearly stated desire to guarantee a quality service to customers. Indeed, the manufacturer avoids multiplying distribution channels to cut the grass under the feet of fraudsters customary counterfeiting and do not hesitate to confuse the minds of customers to dispose of dangerous products . You will also notice that Proactol XS is not sold in drugstore or on any partner site. In short, the customer now knows that to buy the slimming capsule Proactol XS original, it must be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer.

Is There a Refund Clause?

The Proactol XS manufacturer, who is also the distributor, guarantees the refund of the purchase price in case of dissatisfaction after 2 months (60 days) of use. Any client who does not benefit from the loss of fat mass can ask to be reimbursed, after 2 months of use. The product is efficient and the manufacturer is not afraid to offer such a tempting refund clause.

How is it Delivered ?

Once the price is paid and the order validated, the slimming capsule Proactol XS is packaged and shipped within the first business hours that follow so that the customer can receive their parcel in 24 hours. If it is a little distant from the place of dispatch, the customer can receive his parcel within 48 hours. Some carriers deliver in 72 hours to the most distant customers. Note that the delivery is done everywhere in the world to the address indicated at the time of the order. Exceptionally, the delivery may take a little longer but generally the customer can track the shipment on the carrier’s website.



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