Let’s fight obesity with some weight loss advice!


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A few years ago, obesity was not a problem for society, but over time, we have evolved without taking into account a very important factor, body fat.

Let’s see, we accumulate body fat because we eat more calories than we expend. On that basis, it seems that it can be very easy to leave obesity behind, right? But not so, why? Well, In ancient times, there were not so many processed foods, packed with large amounts of fat, sodium, sugar, etc. The food industry has evolved with products that, for our palate, are rewarding but that for our body, it is not so much.

These products or foods (whatever you want to call them), bring with them additives that make our brain ask for more and more, just like, for example, sweets. Did you know that sugar is highly addictive? It can be a key to why we eat more calories than are expended and with this, our body accumulates the excess as body fat.

On the other hand, society has changed its way of eating, that is, where before they ate more fruits, vegetables and legumes, now they consume more foods high in calories and more frequently. Who does not see a child today eating a lot of candy? I’m not saying with this, that they should not be consumed, no, only that you have to know how much to consume.

Another factor that favors body fat or obesity is physical inactivity. Who does not own more than two cars at home in their family group? Why not walk instead of using the car? Why not take the stairs instead of using the elevator? They are small details with which we can spend some calories, activate our body, and put a stop to a disease that is getting out of control and spreading more and more.

I have always said, you have one body only, so why not take care of it? In any supermarket you can find healthy foods and others not so healthy, the decision is up to you. I have already chosen to love my body, to take care of it so that it lasts longer.

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