Know the 7 effective ways to burn calories


In order to lose weight, it is important to reduce a total of 500 calories a day in order to lose one kilo per week. How is this accomplished? With a good diet, exercises and some recommendations that we give you to achieve burn fat.

  • Increased activity: Avoid resting for a long time, walk more, get up when you are in the office and even stand in the breaks of your favorite television program.
  • Avoid eating in front of the television: this idea is repeated a lot, but many ignore it. And the only thing you will get is to eat more than you should without realizing the portions.
  • Reduce the dressing on salads: skip the large amounts of mayonnaise or oil and opt for the salad with lemon, pepper, a little chili pepper, and some seeds for added flavor. It is preferable to eat them before the main food to feel full.
  • Reduce the number of snacks: if you cannot put it down, then it is better to place a small handful of these on a plate and not eat directly from the bag because you will not stop until the end.
  • Fewer juices and more water: Avoid sugary ones and try plain waters, with lemon or green tea. They will help you cut down on those calories.
  • Be careful with pasta: they have a lot of calories, measure a small portion in a cup and that will be only what you will consume.
  • More exercises: practice a routine every day, including walking, jumping rope, going for a run, practicing a sport that you like, going to the gym, etc. They will become a habit in the coming weeks if you give consistency and commitment to exercise.

The only thing you need to reduce those 500 calories a day that specialists recommend is to do a good combination of food and exercise. In a few weeks, you will see the difference.


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