Key questions and answers when it comes to losing weight


In this post, we will see more key questions and answers when it comes to losing weight.

Why should I lose weight?

Losing weight is not just about trying to get a better physique with which we can feel 100% comfortable. Losing weight implies leading a healthier and more balanced life, doing daily physical exercise, and changing our eating habits, so it is no longer only to improve our physique, but also to improve our health.

With this, we avoid heart disease, the probability of contracting type 2 diabetes, or reducing the risk of hypertension, for example. These and many other reasons help us to think positively when starting a weight loss program. Physique and health are important, something that will help us understand why we must lead a more active and balanced lifestyle.

What objective is the right one to see results?

To lose weight you must understand well what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it. For this, you have to define specific objectives that help you achieve your final goal.

It is useless to think that you simply want to lose weight and that’s it, no. The best thing is to think that you want to lose X kilos in X time. This means that it is better to set small goals before reaching the final goal, whereby small goals I mean “lose X kilos in X time” and the final goal would be “I want to lose weight”

To achieve the final goal, which is where we would already be comfortable and comfortable with our body weight, we must first lose some weight little by little. This is achieved with patience since the body cannot be transformed overnight. It requires a certain time and therefore certain goals.

I train, I eat well, why am I not seeing results?

Surely you are not realizing the progress you are making. Why don’t you try asking others? Look at old photos, weigh yourself correctly, measure the perimeter of your waist every X time, etc.

Many people do not realize their change because the body is slowly transforming. Try keeping a training journal to write down everything you need to know about how your progress is going.

If it is still true that no matter how much you train and eat, you cannot lose weight, you may not be doing something right. Always help yourself to professionals, change your training routines, see if you eat properly (not how you think you should eat), etc.

There is nothing that motivates more than training with someone! Every once in a while, go for a run with someone who is passionate about the sport or is also losing weight.

If the other person has already achieved her goal, you will have one more reason to continue, because if the other person could, you can too. On the other hand, if you are fighting for the same thing, what better than to fight together and share feelings? It is truly motivating and will give your mind a plus.


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