Is it better to run in winter or summer?

Are you a runner? What do you prefer: running in summer or winter? Perhaps you prefer both seasons, and if so, you will already know from your own experience the differences between going for a run in winter or summer. But, if you want to start running, many questions will arise that you will answer little by little, such as: is it better to run in winter or summer?

What is better, running cold or hot?

It doesn’t take much running experience to realize that running in the cold is totally different from running in the summer since the weather conditions are not the same. Therefore, if you want to enjoy running in winter, you must have good equipment to run in the cold. With the right clothes and accessories, there will be no cold or rain that can resist you. The same happens if you want to run in the summer: if you have the proper preparation and equipment, your training will allow you to achieve your goals progressively.

Advantages of running in winter

In addition to running clothes in winter, before going for a run, you will need to mentalize yourself. You are going to face some adversities but we assure you that after a race in winter you feel really good. But this is not the only benefit of running in winter:

  • If you go for a run in the cold, the streets and landscapes will be practical for you.
  • The skin on your face will be toned due to contact with the cold and physical activity. But protect it with sunscreen before you go for a run or you could damage it.
  • It’s not hot: this advantage is very obvious, but you will not have constant external heat.
  • You will stay active in a time when you tend to be more sedentary.

Advantages of running in summer

It seems that with good weather our body cheers up and asks us to go outside to do activities. The desire to go out increases but do not believe that the excuses for not going out for a run decrease. You’re looking out the window at what a good day it is, but you’re already thinking about how hot you’re going to go through, right? Well, forget it!

Here are some of the advantages of running in summer:

  • Running in company or a group: during the summer people tend to have more free time and it is easier to be able to meet someone to go running.
  • You will carry little equipment to run so you will have maximum mobility and without stress.
  • Enjoy the sunsets: during the summer months it is better to take advantage of the sunset to go for a run. This way the temperatures will be a little lower. And you may experience spectacular sunsets!
  • What about the shower after running in the summer? For many, it is a well-deserved and pleasant moment, which is enjoyed to the fullest.

As you can see, running in winter has its advantages, just like going for a run in summer. But finding when we run most at ease is only done through practice. Do not get carried away by your prejudices and try first, you may be surprised and end up going for a run in a time that you thought was unimaginable.

We recommend not stopping running at either time, especially if you are training to achieve a goal. Otherwise, when you resume the activity, you will have to start practically from scratch and it will take effort to match the marks. You can reduce the number of training days when it is more difficult for you to go running in summer or winter, or reduce the intensity, but do not quit!


Shawna Anderson

Bsc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the Complutense University of Madrid. I love writing about nutrition and health and related topics. I have written for some famous newspapers and magazines for the last 6 years.

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