How to lose your weight after the holidays


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The end of holidays is a time concern for many of us. Especially, concern about having gained a few extra kilos, concern about excesses on specific days, concern about returning to our previous weight, etc.

That is why in today’s post we bring you some keys to lose weight after the holidays.

First of all, we must calm down and ask ourselves the following: what does the Christmas season mean compared to a whole year? Exactly, it’s only a few days that would be 2% within a whole year.

In fact, they are not even whole days, they are just meals or dinners. This does not mean that what we do has no impact on our health and gives us a free hand to overdo it.

What it means is that, within a healthy eating pattern and good habits, we can afford to consume certain “less healthy” preparations or dishes while we enjoy them with ours on specific days.

The main problem with this is that most people no longer follow this pattern of healthy habits throughout the year and they begin to consume traditional products of these dates (nougats, chocolates, etc.) long before the dates themselves and long after the appointed dates.

In addition, with the “one day is one day” mentality, it can also happen that we exceed and exceed certain dates. If this is what has happened, we leave you some tips that you can follow to “return” to that healthy life or, if you were not yet, we invite you to enter it in 2021.

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Keys to losing weight after the holidays

Hydrate yourself: It seems very obvious, but we must not forget about hydration, a correct state of hydration is very important. If you find it difficult to stay hydrated, you can do it with infusions, teas, water, broths, water with chopped fruit, and remember to always carry a canteen with you. If we have it within our reach, we will remember to hydrate ourselves during the day.

Don’t stop eating:It is very important to record this message from us. That we have exceeded these dates does not mean that we have to punish ourselves and skip meals to compensate. If you skip a meal that is only because you are not really hungry or because you are in the middle of a detox plan, controlled and scheduled. Otherwise, continue with your usual healthy diet.

Leave the leftovers: Surely there have been traditional sweets left over because you have bought more, but that does not mean that we should extend their consumption for weeks until they are finished. If you have them at home, you are going to consume them. For next year keep this in mind: buy the right and necessary sweets for the indicated dates.

Base your diet on vegetables and fruits: It’s time to go back to your usual healthy diet or, if you no longer had it, it may be a good time to make changes. Maybe what you need is a complete reset, for which you might be interested in trying a detox plan. Remember to base your diet on fruits, vegetables and vegetables and that they are present at each meal.

Move! : Avoid sedentary lifestyle and move! You don’t have to “kill yourself” to exercise just don’t sit all day. Now, with technology always at hand, we inevitably move less and consume far fewer calories.

For this reason, we advise you that for this new year, among your resolutions for 2021, you mark in your agenda a time a day in which you force yourself to practice regular physical activity of moderate intensity. For example: brisk walking, swimming, cycling, climbing stairs, practicing Pilates, etc. Anything goes!

Practice batch cooking: You may have already heard of this practice, it is simply about planning your meals in advance and leaving them prepared in the fridge. It is an easy and useful practice that prevents us from eating anything fast during the week and paying more attention to the daily menu. Pick a day of the week and spend only a few hours preparing meals for the entire week.

If there is leftover, freeze: It is normal that you have made more food and in the end it has left. Instead of eating it the next few days, freeze it and save it, for example, for some day on the weekend.

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