How to lose weight from home: three exercises to lose weight


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The coronavirus crisis has forced the Government to adopt drastic measures, such as decreeing the state of alarm in the country as of this Saturday and for the next 15 days at least.

This new situation is forcing all of us to stay at home as long as possible and not to go outside except for urgent tasks, such as shopping, the pharmacy, or taking the dog out. Running sessions and gym classes are therefore prohibited, which are also closed from Friday until further notice.

Between the fact that we do not move just because of the confinement and between the boredom and anxiety that make many eat more (and worse), this quarantine we are going to end up with extra kilos if we do not start to remedy it now.

Three easy exercises to do at home

Take advantage of these days, reader, to get in shape or, at least, try not to gain extra kilos, which later with the daily routine are more difficult to lose.

Ideally, before doing training routines, you should ‘run’ in place for at least ten minutes, to warm up your body.

1) Easy routine to train your abs

We start with a routine to train your abs. Six exercises will take you only 20 minutes a day. There are 15 repetitions of 3 series:

  • To start the abdominals, it is important to have the lower back supported on the floor, hands on the nape, and lift the body slightly, about 45 degrees.
  • We are going to include a variant of the previous abdominals: we will raise the leg 90 degrees and do the abdominals, focusing on the knee.
  • We will cross one leg over the other, arms to the ground, and raise the knee to the chest.
  • To continue, we raise the pelvis with one leg over the other. The abdominal muscles can also be combined with other muscles, in this case, the oblique ones, they are the crossed abdominal muscles. We will go to the opposite knee.
  • To conclude, we extend our arms and legs upwards and lower the opposite leg and arm.

2) Exercises to train the legs

With this quarantine, we hardly walk at all, and we have to move our legs, not only for aesthetics but also for health.

You can perform leg exercises in your own home, with the help of the furniture we already have.

3) Exercises to strengthen the pectorals

On this occasion, a personal trainer can show you some routines to train the pectorals to carry out from our home.

It is very important that, for the perfect execution of these exercises, the shoulders are at the height of the wrists, that the trunk remains straight and that the hips do not sag. In this way, we ensure a good body position and avoid possible injuries.

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