How to eliminate abdominal fat without going crazy?


The accumulation of abdominal fat is unpleasant for both men and women. Many people tend to have health problems and to feel frustrated, seeing how their abdomen grows without stopping.

That is why we want to give you some tips so that you know how to eliminate abdominal fat without going crazy.

This is possible, so don’t give up! All you have to do is change your sedentary lifestyle a little, for a little exercise, eating a balanced diet, and having a little patience. Losing weight doesn’t happen by miracle, you need to put in a little effort.

Is it possible to lose localized fat?

Some people feel dissatisfied with their body and want to eliminate a little fat that is accumulated in a specific area of ​​their body, such as the abdomen, waist, arms, and butt. These are the parts of the body where the most body fat accumulates.

But in order to eliminate this fat, we must perform exercises and diets that make your body lose weight in a general way and not just a part of it.

This means that you will not lose fat from one place, but from all the places where body fat is accumulated.

There are many reasons why a person wants to lose some weight, to improve their physical appearance, their health, reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

In the market, you can find other alternatives to lose fat such as creams, surgeries, etc. But I assure you that they will not be of much help if you do not change your eating habits and lifestyle.

On the other hand, scientific studies have shown that localized fat reduction is not possible, fat loss is generalized throughout your body.

What makes people burn fat?

The amount of fat that is accumulated in the body can be found in triglycerides, these can be used as a source of energy. Before these can be used for energy, they must be broken down into two sections: glycerol and free fatty acids, and in this way, they can enter the bloodstream.

When you carry out an exercise routine, these two sections are used as fuel and can come from any part of your body and not from a specific area.

Eliminating the consumption of sugar is an important factor when you want to lose weight since its consumption in excess causes your body to produce more insulin that later turns into fat.

By eliminating it completely or considerably reducing its consumption, the fat will also decrease. eye! not just any type of fat: especially trans fats. Others such as extra virgin olive oil are good and necessary.

The key to eliminating abdominal fat is a good diet accompanied by a daily exercise routine.

Eating an adequate diet is essential if you want to eliminate fat from the body, you must control portions, sugar consumption, consume proteins and fibers that come from fruits and vegetables, these are some of the things that help you maintain a good diet and lose stored fat.

“Belly” = Obesity

Until a few years ago, BMI was the only determining factor of being overweight.

The measurement of the BMI, determined the nutritional status of a person, in the following way:

  • BMI less than 18.5 = “Underweight”
  • BMI between 18.5 and 24.5 = “Normal”
  • BMI between 24.9 and 30 = “Overweight”
  • BMI over 30 = “Obesity”

Now, what about a high competition athlete of 1.70 meters and 100 kg?

A toned athlete and his pinnacle of fitness would have a BMI of 34.6.

Based on his BMI measurement, he would qualify as obese. The same happened with many men and women who, despite being in “normal” BMI parameters, presented a degree of manifest obesity.

Clinical studies of overweight patients found a common factor, an abnormal distribution of body fat. These patients have a greater degree of fat accumulation around the waist.

That is why the WHO has determined that a waistline greater than 88 centimeters in women and 102 cm in men can be a red flag.

Direct relationships have been found between an upper waist contour with metabolic diseases. Insulin resistance and other obesity-related diseases are closely linked to larger waist size.

Abdominal fat is not only determined by the measurement of the circumference in the abdomen area.

What is known as the sagittal length, measures the distance between the navel and the L4-L5 vertebrae in the supine position. This distance is an excellent indicator of perivisceral fat and should be below 25 cm.

Through the study of bioelectrical impedance, the level of water, subdermal fat, and visceral fat can be determined.

Bioimpedance studies the electrical conductivity of certain areas of the body, using the principle of conductivity of water and non-conductivity of fats.

Fat tissue has a very low electrical conductivity, while bone and muscle tissue have high conductivity. Bypassing a small electrical impulse between two poles, the conductivity is measured and the fat content is inferred.

Ultrasounds, MRI, and PET can make cross-sections of up to 64 layers of adipose tissue.

These studies determine localized levels of dermal, subdermal, and muscle fat.

Is removing abdominal fat different for women and men?

No. Men and women alike have the same propensity to develop abnormal and risky abdominal fat accumulation. Although the measurement parameters in centimeters differ, in both genders the risk factors are considered to be very similar.

In the case of women, the metabolic disease is added to hormonal imbalances due to the menstrual and reproductive period. According to studies by the American Society of Oncology, there is a direct relationship between obesity and endometrial, breast and uterine cancer.

In the case of men, the incidence of obesity in some types of prostate disease adds to cardiovascular and systemic risk. Therefore, there are no best or worst gender scenarios when it comes to belly fat and waist size.

What are the health consequences of abdominal fat?

High relationships have been found between obesity rates and abdominal circumference.

Even in patients with BMI within normal parameters but with upper abdominal circumferences, they have presented, among other diseases:

  • Coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and heart failure
  • Cardiovascular disease, STROKE, or CVD.
  • Metabolic and endocrine diseases
  • Musculoskeletal diseases
  • Lung diseases

Although no reliable evidence has been found, some specialists suspect the relationship of visceral fat with some types of cancer.

Tips to “lose belly”

Who does not like to see themselves in the mirror without complexes and enjoy their silhouette? It is something very normal to always want to improve our anatomy.

Therefore, if you have decided to lower your abdomen a bit, we want to give you some tips so that you can achieve a flat stomach in a healthy way.

  • If you notice that your belly is swollen, take diuretics. There is a chance that you will suffer from fluid retention.
  • Drink a lot of water during the day, drinking water is quite healthy and prevents you from having fluid retention. It also helps digestion and prevents constipation.
  • Chew your food very well. Do not forget that digestion begins in the mouth, so you must grind the food very well before swallowing it.
  • Do not consume a lot of salt or sugar.
  • Abdominal exercises are not the only ones that help you reduce the abdomen (they tone them). You must enhance them with exercises such as swimming, cycling, among others.
  • You must be consistent with your diet and your exercise routine. This is the key to everything.
  • Be very careful with the caps, it is useless to perform abdominal exercises and diet, if in the slightest carelessness you consume chips, sauces, bar caps, etc.

What exercises are the best to eliminate abdominal fat?

In order for you to eliminate that abdominal fat that you dislike so much, you must, in addition to maintaining a diet, perform a routine of localized exercises, little by little increasing their duration and intensity to obtain good results.

These are the best exercises to eliminate abdominal fat:

  • Crunch.
  • Side.
  • Iron.
  • Side legs.
  • V-Crunches
  • Classic abs.

If you adopt a healthy lifestyle and do these exercises, you will forget about abdominal fat in no time.

Are 30 minutes of cardio enough?

There are many factors that influence being able to lose weight such as maintaining a correct diet, age, genetics, the lifestyle you lead.

Although exercising is good for any age, you may find that other people can lose weight more quickly. This depends on the metabolism of each person, if your metabolism is fast, your ability to burn fat will be more efficient.

Perform 30 minutes of cardio will be enough for your body to sweat and can begin to modify the body mass index. It makes you lose calories and therefore eliminate fat.

How to prevent the appearance of abdominal fat?

With age, the accumulation of abdominal fat can increase your chances of incidence. The distention of the anterior rectus, the decrease in hormonal secretion, and the aging process increase the risk of the common belly.

This is in addition to changes in eating habits, stress, and other factors such as a sedentary lifestyle to gain inches around the waist. A balanced diet, 100% personalized and directed by a specialist, is the first step in reducing abdominal fat.

This should be combined with a routine of cardiovascular exercises, weights, and strengthening of the abdominal wall. Aerobic, isometric, and resistance exercises are ideal.

Like diets and nutritional supplements, the beginning of an exercise program should be supervised and directed by a professional in the area. Taking care of our health, in addition to improving our rhythm and quality of life, will make us stronger, slimmer, and ultimately, look much better.


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