How many squats a day do you have to do to see effects


Squats are the best exercise for lifting your glutes, toning legs, and sculpting a dream lower body. The experts are clear about it and the famous ones with more splendid bodies make it clear on their social networks. But is it enough to just include one set of these in an exercise routine? Knowing how many squats a day are enough to see effects is the question that most women ask. And yes, there is a number that seems the ideal, but with some nuances that you must take into account to achieve your goals.

Execution difficulty is as important as how many squats a day you do

Before you ask how many squats to do, consider how to squat correctly. Technique is key to achieving results and also to minimizing the risk of injury during your performance. So the first step is learning how to squat correctly.

The physical demand of the performance is as important as how many squats a day to do. And there are different types of squats in addition to the classic squat. These enhance the effects of each exercise performed. For example, when doing kettlebell squats or wall-supported squats.

If you have little training time and a state of shape that allows you to do an intense exercise, combine classic squats with other types of squats.

Rest is as important as the number of squats to perform

Maybe you don’t expect to read about the need for rest when you’re concerned about how long it takes to squat and how many squats a day you need to do to achieve your goals. However, the human body is not a robot. And in fitness to achieve good results that last over time, attending to rest is as important as training hard.

The muscle needs rest to recover after a demanding workout. Crushing yourself without leaving room for rest does not make it more effective, quite the opposite. During the training phase the muscle is encouraged to grow and during rest it grows. Therefore the ideal is to alternate a training day with a rest day. In addition, this way you face the next work day better and the performance is better.

So in addition to taking into account how many squats a day to perform, you should know that it is not advisable to do squats daily. On alternate days, the ideal is to do a gentler exercise for the muscle. It is key to improving the elevation, toning and figure of the legs and buttocks.

100 squats a day, a possible number with adequate progression

But let’s put a number on the question if that’s what you are concerned about. When the experts are asked how many squats to do to achieve visible results, the number listed is 50 first. Although 100 is the magic number that signals the ideal squat workout.

Don’t panic if you haven’t led a very active life so far. Or if the squats resist you. It’s not about getting going today and just doing 100 squats a day. Progression is the important thing. And this will be more or less fast depending on your current condition and your ability to do well-executed squats without fainting.

Have you led a sedentary life? Start by doing series of 10 or 15 squats each day for the first week, to expand this number day by day in one or two more squats. To avoid losing motivation, set a goal of 50 squats each day. When you reach that number of executions in a workout you can redefine your goals to reach the desired 100 squats per day.

Are you in good shape? Before asking how many squats a day should I do, consider how many squats you are capable of doing in a row. That will be your starting point to continue training and increasing the number of squats performed in each session. The ideal is to increase 10 per week. Your goal should be to achieve 100 squats a day 3 or 4 days a week alternating training day with rest day.

Squats and visible effect

Another question that is frequently raised in addition to how many squats a day to do is how long the effects of squats are seen. This is something impossible to say correctly as it depends on many questions. To begin with, the state of form with which you start. Then what are your goals since the ideal body is something subjective and each person sets different goals.

Furthermore, not all organisms respond the same to the same training. Issues such as metabolism or hormone production are different in each case. To achieve a scandal defeat, each person will need a different time to achieve their objectives. What is evident is that being consistent with exercise and combining it with good exercise habits

As you have already seen in the first point, the difficulty of the squats is almost as important as the number of these for their effectiveness. If you consider how many squats a day to do because you are looking for quick results and you exercise regularly, you can optimize your training by substituting series of classic squats for other types of squats. If your state of form still does not allow it, first progress until you reach 100 squats a day and then substitute sets of 10 classic squats for more demanding ones.

Some examples of how to optimize your squat training?

  • Incorporate weight with kettlebell or kettlebell lifts. Weight can also progressively increase.
  • Do isometric squats (leaning against the wall).
  • Perform side step squats with rubber bands on the legs.
  • Wear a weight vest when squatting.
  • Do yogi squats to work on your flexibility in passing.
  • Do Bulgarian dumbbell squats.
  • Perform globet squats, also called deep kettlebell squats.
  • Do jump squats.
  • Suspension squats with TRX.

You can also squat in a HIIT or interval training routine for more effective work.

Good habits that help you speed up the effectiveness of your squat training

Just as important as being clear about how many simple tasks a day to do and following the proper technique is to adopt habits that allow you to improve the effectiveness of this training.

  • Warm up before and after each squat workout.
  • Hydrate properly during and after training.
  • Follow a diet rich in quality protein and “good” carbohydrates to improve the response of your muscles.
  • Do aerobic exercises on the rest days of your squat routine.
  • Get a good night’s sleep to improve your body’s metabolic and hormonal response.

You see, the quick answer to how many squats a day to do for visible results is 100 squats a day. But do not stay alone with that figure. Consider how to make your work more effective and healthy with rest, optimized training, and good lifestyle habits.


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