How many hours do you have to eat to lose weight?


How many hours do you have to eat to lose weight? It is surely a question that you have asked yourself on many occasions. We are going to answer this and many other questions that surround it. I would like to warn you that in this article I am going to tell you many things and it is probably too much information together.

How many hours should you eat?

How many hours should you eat is a question that I often come across in consultation. Normally people eat when they are hungry (or gluttony), and this, in a way is wise.

Because, our internal biological regulatory mechanisms are precisely designed for this: so that eating is not something we do through our logical thinking, but what we need.

However, it is true that our way of living or relating to food has altered this naturalness. It depends on the culture you live in, you will feed yourself in one way or another. Without going any further, here in Spain dinner is one of the main meals, while in the United Kingdom it is breakfast.

I’m sure what, if I asked you to change your eating routine and make a less copious dinner, at first, you’d go hungry. The reason for this is that the body gets used to and adapts to what we teach it.

So, even if we enter the daily calories necessary for your GE (energy expenditure), if you are used to putting on your boots at night, your body will not need to eat more, but your brain does.

Is it good to eat 3 times a day?

It is neither good nor bad, in principle it is not recommended, it is a much better idea to eat more meals a day. There are people who even only eat two meals a day.

Later, you will understand why it is good to eat more than 3 times a day. However, this will depend on your own bowel rhythms.

One of the main problems with food is that there are many myths revolving around it, one of them is precisely the issue we are addressing. However, there are many others related to the consumption of carbohydrates, fats, what is healthy and what is not, and a very long etcetera.

Should you eat every 6 hours?

Eating every 6 hours is one of the guidelines that is practiced in therapeutic fasting or intermittent fasting. People who carry out this strategy often do it to lose weight.

After 3-4 hours after a meal, it is most likely that our glycemic index is close to 0, that is, our blood sugar levels are practically zero. Under these conditions, the body for energy begins to extract it from body fat. Therefore, what we understand by “burning fat” is produced.

Although it is true that in this way you can lose weight quickly, it is not a format that I would recommend, since it is not a sustainable or healthy model of eating. Furthermore, in the future, we will experience what we call the rebound effect.

How many meals do you have to eat a day?

From the above, it can be deduced what would be the appropriate number of meals that we should do per day. We should eat 5 or 6 meals a day.

I am not discovering any secrets, surely before reading the article you expected this conclusion. It matters more to me that you know why.

It depends on the food, the absorption of energy (glycogen), and its subsequent use, which is faster or slower. For example, whole grain fiber is slow absorbing.

For this reason, nutritionists recommend the preferential consumption of whole grain products, because they favor greater nutritional absorption and dose energy.

A normal pasta dish, no matter how abundant it is, it is very likely that after a couple of hours, you will feel hungry again. And I don’t even tell you what happens with sugar.


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