Fitness: lead a healthy life by eating well and doing sports


The term Fitness can refer to two related situations. On the one hand, fitness is understood as a state of physical health and well-being that is reached through a healthy life supported by exercise, always through a healthy and balanced diet. However, fitness is also understood to be the set of gymnastic exercises that can be repeated to achieve the correct physical shape. Those are the exercises that are usually performed within a gym.

Carrying a fitness lifestyle has many benefits for those who practice it. Not only on a physical level, where the results do not take long to appear but on a mental level. Playing sports and eating healthy has a direct impact on our mood.

Physical benefits of leading a fit life

  • Leading a fitness lifestyle has many benefits on a physical level. It helps improve aerobic endurance, provides greater flexibility, increases muscle strength, achieves localized muscle strength, and achieve body balance.
  • Common exercises in fitness include, for example, running sets, squats, push-ups, and combination jumps. All this in a fairly broad sense. It is therefore quite common that many expert athletes are those who decide to attend fitness training to improve their physical condition and improve their sports skills.
  • Among the benefits, we find that doing several series of exercises per week increases the development of the cardiorespiratory system. Therefore, the resistance also increases.
  • It helps to strengthen the physical condition and reduces the risk of developing serious diseases, such as obesity. Likewise, it helps to control cholesterol and is good against hypertension. Improving physical condition reduces cardiovascular risks.

Mental benefits of doing sports and eating healthy

  1. Although when we think about leading a fitness lifestyle the first thing that comes to mind is having a better physical appearance, the truth is that it goes much further.
  2. First of all, doing sports and eating healthy contributes to a better lifestyle. It helps the athlete to be relaxed and, therefore, has a lower risk of stress or depression. Playing sports after work is perfect for eliminating the stress and stress accumulated throughout the day.
  3. It makes us happier. Performing physical exercise causes us to release dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone of happiness. This makes us feel good as we just played sports. It is very good for people who can suffer from illnesses such as depression. In addition, it improves self-esteem and enhances self-confidence. We feel that we are capable of exceeding our own goals and thus enhancing our capabilities.
  4. It is an optimal way to disconnect. Feeling that we take care of ourselves, that we overcome ourselves, that every day we give more and go further is an incredible way to achieve new motivations and situations.

Therefore, leading a fitness lifestyle is much more than improving our physical condition. It is to achieve a balance between body and mind. It is to achieve new goals and new purposes. It is feeling better about ourselves and our environment.


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