Does Metabolic Window Cause the Post-Workout Cough?


We have often heard about the metabolic window among athletes, specifically it is a concept that some popular athletes extract from conversations between professionals, but without knowing what it refers to. That is why we are going to explain what it consists of.

Specifically, the metabolic window refers to a certain period of time after training in which our body is more receptive. For some elite athletes, this represents an essential opportunity to benefit from certain nutrients more effectively for the body.

For example, consuming foods that regulate the glycemic index during this period and ensuring a more effective recovery of muscle glycogen.

In the same way that the so-called metabolic window can be used to our benefit, it can also be a moment of weakness. How many of us have come home coughing after training, especially if it is outdoors. Like a shoot or a game.

When an effort occurs, a window to infections also opens for approximately three hours later, problems such as pharyngitis or angina are very common in this period of time. The airways are the ones that suffer the most in these cases.

To avoid this moment, we recommend taking off wet clothes and bundling up to stretch, in addition to being aware of any external help if necessary to alleviate the symptoms that occur in the respiratory system if the cough has already appeared.


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