Discover the power of a Pilates workout in action


Doing a Pilates session is one of the best ways to change the shape of our body. Incorporating a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular exercise, and several Pilates sessions a week will help us tone our body and muscles in a short time.

Pilates is a great choice for professional dancers. While it is unrealistic to expect you to look like a professional dancer after several months of practicing Pilates, you can certainly work to improve her posture and make the body slimmer and leaner.

What does Pilates do?

Pilates uses controlled movements. It focuses primarily on the “core” of your body (a term for your torso), to build body strength, flexibility, and endurance. It is a conditioning routine for your body that will not give us results of bulky muscles. Instead, the movements serve to lengthen the muscles by strengthening them. The most popular form of Pilates is mat-based exercises, in which we do a series of movements using a mat on the floor. Other forms of Pilates require the use of large metal parts that are commonly found in Pilates studios. Whatever the form, Pilates has the power to radically transform the look of your body. It will give you an elegant and harmonious body with a flat abdomen and slim thighs and, in addition to a better posture.

Why choose Pilates?

Many times women tend to focus their training efforts exclusively on cardio. After all, what is the important point of exercising if you are not burning a lot of calories? This kind of thinking is wrong. In fact, your body needs a combination of cardio and strength training to truly transform itself. You’re badly educating him by limiting your exercise routine to cardio-based activities only.

Pilates exercises you should know

Pilates is a great option because it can be obtained from a complete body-sculpting exercise in a single hour-long class. Especially it is a great alternative for any kind of muscle toning you are looking for. If you haven’t taken a class, try one and see.

Most likely, you will feel a bit sore all over your body the day after taking a Pilates class because all muscle groups have been used. Pilates is powerful in its effectiveness in targeting your entire body in a single workout.

What are the mental benefits of Pilates?

This type of exercise will benefit you not only physically, but mentally as well.  In fact, Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, believes that it is physical and mental health that intertwine. As a result, the principles of Pilates center around the wellness methods that the participants both internally and externally are:

  • Concentration
  • Breathing
  • Control and fluid movements

Pilates teaches you to control and balance your body and mind, often focusing on the quality of a movement rather than the quality, that you are receiving both physical and mental training in your exercise. The power of Pilates also lies in the fact that anyone can do it. It is not high impact and there are little disagreement and stress placed on our body. Best of all, it can be done almost anywhere.


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