Diet to lose fat and gain muscle for Vegans


Being a fit girl and following a vegan diet is possible. But it requires work and special attention to nutrition, including precious nutrients for a healthy and toned body. Following a diet to lose fat and gain muscle for women is essential. We give you all the necessary indications so that you can implement them and achieve your fitness goals without giving up the vegan diet.

Tips for following the diet to lose fat and gain muscle for women

Get off the scale

It is a key tip to prevent your mind from playing tricks on you and boycotting your goals. Knowing your weight is not going to help you follow a diet to lose fat and gain muscle for women. It will only tell you how much you weigh; nothing else.

Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. Perception of the figure on the scale may be distorted by the false belief that a fit body requires a lighter weight.

You will generally have less volume, even on a muscular body. It will be healthier. And it will make you feel stronger and lighter. But it doesn’t have to be reflected in a lower number on the scale.

Eat without fear but with your head

Lack of food will not help you lose fat. And a vegan diet to gain muscle mass cannot be based on hyper-reduced servings of food. Building muscle requires the contribution of certain nutrients to the body. And this must be done through food and a necessary nutritional supplementation to complete the nutrients that your body needs and you cannot get in the amount you need with a vegan diet.

This does not mean that you eat without knowledge or control. Huge servings are meaningless on a fat loss and muscle gain diet for women. But if in the sufficient quantity to be able to generate muscle on which to tone.

Provides your body with all the nutrients it needs without giving up veganism. For this you will have to wisely combine the foods suitable for your diet. Especially to obtain the necessary protein to gain muscle. How? Combining the consumption of cereals and legumes with fresh vegetables and nuts.

But also through vegan protein supplements that provide you with all the amino acids you need. Remember that only through diet would you have to make an exaggerated consumption of quantities. That would be in practice incompatible with a diet to lose fat. Without forgetting other essential nutrients such as vitamin B12 that you should consume in the form of nutritional supplements.

Train to lose fat and gain muscle

Diet and training are essential to achieve your goals. Following one of the two paths forgetting the other is not enough. Both must go hand in hand to lose fat and gain muscle.

Take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips to achieve your goals. In the field of training, following the appropriate exercise routines to burn fat and the strength work necessary to gain muscle mass. And in the field of nutrition, using food groups and precious nutritional supplements to burn fat and gain muscle while taking care of your health and well-being.

Did you know that losing fat is more difficult for women than for men? This is a biological issue that is difficult to influence. But counting calories can help you balance your intake / expenditure properly. Also, a muscular body is a body that burns more calories even at rest. Therefore, by gaining muscle, you will also be laying the foundations for a greater continued caloric expenditure.

Daily example of a diet to lose fat and gain muscle for women

Weight and height influence the design of the diet to be followed in terms of quantities. This diet provides about 2800 Kcalories per day. It is suitable for a typical woman who is 1.70 meters tall and weighs about 65KG.

These may seem like a lot on paper, but remember that they are not for sedentary women. Cardio and strength training requires calories to be effective for the muscle building and toning you want.

Before breakfast

Take a vitamin B12 supplement. Choosing this time to do so is necessary to prevent the intake of foods that hinder the absorption of this vitamin.


Glass and a half of soy drink (300ml) with 65-70 grams of rolled oats.
Fresh fruit. The ideal is to vary this throughout the week choosing one day yes and one no antioxidant fruits such as berries or cherries. You can serve it with the previous foods as a porridge or take it separately. Size fruits medium such as apples, conference pears or peaches, one piece. If you are going to mix several, calculate about 125g.


1 small banana with 45 grams of cream or nut butter. You can serve it in a bowl or by smearing this on the already peeled banana.
Ideally, you should vary the type of butter used each day in the diet to lose fat and gain muscle for women. So you can take peanut, almond, hazelnut … And take advantage of the nutrients present in each of them. In addition, this way you will not find a routine or boring diet.

A green salad mixed with the following foods.

A piece of fruit. Preferably apple, or pear. Peach and mango are also good options.
40gm of peeled walnuts. Its crunchy touch and flavor will help you chew well while salivating.
100gm of cooked red lentils (raw weight). To avoid repeating it daily, you can replace it with red beans or azukis on other days.

In mid afternoon

Vegan protein shake. It is essential in a diet to lose fat and gain muscle for women who do not eat animal foods. In this way, you can provide your body with the proteins it needs while maintaining your vegan diet. You can prepare it in water or with cereal drinks such as rice, spelled or oatmeal, thus improving carbohydrate intake.


100g of brown rice mixed with seasonal vegetables and spices to taste. You can vary these to avoid the eating routine. Occasionally substitute grain buckwheat, spelled or barley for rice.
200gm of tofu seasoned with spices or fresh herbs. It is a perfect food for a vegan diet to gain muscle mass. Seitan is also a good choice if you don’t have celiac disease.

Throughout the day

Nutritional supplements for women. They are essential in a diet to lose fat and gain muscle for women maintaining health and achieving the desired effectiveness. Creatine and citrulline for before training, among them. And, of course, beta-alanine and essential fatty acids.

Water. Hydration is essential. During or after training you can take it with electrolytes if you need it.
2-3 tablespoons of oil, preferably spread over lunch and dinner.

Don’t hesitate and follow this diet to lose fat and gain muscle for vegan women. Always without neglecting training aimed at achieving these goals. You will notice the results progressively and you can maintain it over time.


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