How to Safely Use Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

How Coconut Oil Helps In Weight Loss?

There are many things that help in weight loss. Sometimes those are medicines and surgeries. At other times, they are different foods and supplements. However, in this case, we have brought forward another solution that is unconventional and that will help you in weight loss. It is coconut oil. We all know that in the case of losing weight we need to make sure that the level of our blood sugars is not altered rather it remains stable and steady. If insulin raises or drops in its level that it can cause you a lot of problems.

Coconut Oil

The first question that arises in this context is how the blood sugar levels should be made stable for longer times in between the meals. The best solution to this query is the intake of fat that is not only healthy but also nourishing as well as satiating. Coconut oil performs exactly these functions and is considered the perfect thing for weight loss. Amongst coconut oil, the best one is organic virgin coconut oil.

There are several reasons why coconut oil is not only effective in weight loss but also in maintaining the weight that you want. Different reasons operate behind. The first reason is that the healthy and medium chain of saturated fatty acids called MCT oils promote metabolism and in result the immediate energy. Lauric acid is the most prominent of these all.

Coconut oil benefits for weight loss and thyroid:

In addition to many other things, few research studies show that it is also helpful in carrying out the function of the thyroid. Active and efficient thyroid working is also necessary for losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Due to poor testing, few people miss out on the symptoms of thyroid. For your convenience, its symptoms include Hair loss, dry skin, cold hands and feet, constipation, depression, weight issue, fatigue, insomnia, asthma, and other allergies.

Unsaturated fats damage thyroid when changes are caused in hormones. They reduce the secretion of the thyroid hormone and its overall system of circulation. When they suppress the function of thyroid weight is gained.
Coconut oil, in this regard, helps in the normal functioning of thyroid glands. It helps people in achieving and maintaining the desired weight. Coconut oil enhances metabolism and increases weight loss.

Is it true that MCTs Don’t Store as Body Fat?

Yes, it is completely true that MCT’s do not contribute to forming body fat. They do not get stored in the body as the long chains of mono-saturated fatty acids. Therefore, you need to keep yourself away from the industry processed oil such as CLA safflower oil which is nothing but mere scams falsely claiming the weight loss.

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Another good point of using coconut oil is that it is not only anti-viral but also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It is not pathogen friendly at all and therefore controls all types of viruses, bacteria, and fungus. A study conducted shows that people who are thin have more chances of developing different bacterial microbes that live in the intestine as compared to people who are overweight and obese. Coconut oil, therefore, helps a lot in getting defense against all kinds of microbial infections for a long time.

Countries like Pacific islands, India and the Philippines, who consume a lot of coconuts as well coconut oil have very less population that suffers from obesity as well as heart diseases. Therefore this fact rebukes all the agendas and rumors that are spread against the value of this valuable oil. American Heart Association has skipped this point regarding coconut oil.

Lots of supermodels around the globe make regular use of coconut oil for losing weight. Miranda Kerr, an Australian supermodel admits that she has been using coconut oil for years. It has helped her in maintaining her weight and that she does not travel anywhere without this oil.

Virgin coconut oil is not just oil. It works as a complete science. The first thing to understand is that all saturated fats are not made equal. Due to some previous campaigns, people have started believing that all saturated fats are harmful to health. Only long chain fatty acids fall into this category. Short and medium chained fatty acids are healthy in every sense. Also, remember that fats and fatty acids are two different things.

Coconut oil vs Olive Oil for Weight Loss:

People sometimes think that any oil that can be used in cooking is helpful in weight loss however this is not the case. Olive oil is not helpful rather it must be limited and avoided by the people who are trying to lose weight. As many orthodox nutritionists and promote this Mediterranean oil and people think that olive oil is the most important and healthy oil above all others. A study was conducted and published in The Lancet in 1994 revealed that most of the fats that are found in the human body are the same mono-saturated fats that ought to exist in the olive oil and are stored in the body due to the high amounts of olive oil.

Is this the reason why people of Mediterranean countries gain weight in their middle age?

When anyone selects fat that means oil, to get rid of extra fats and lose weight then it is in the person’s best interest to limit and avoid the use of mono-saturated omega-9 fats. Most of the related examples of such oil are avocado oil and peanut oil. Canola oil must also be avoided. It is not only GMO but also enhances weight. Coconut oil is the only best choice when it comes to weight loss through oil.

How to use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

Coconut oil attains the solid form at 76 F/ 24ºC. The best solution to turn it into liquid form is to place it in hot water before it is to be consumed for the purpose of weight loss. Coconut oil must not be taken as coconut butter. Although coconut butter is also a healthy fat that resembles coconut oil and stays solid at room temperature.

The best time to consume coconut oil is at least twenty minutes before mealtime. This helps in decreasing the appetite as a result of which you eat less and feel satisfied after eating less portion of the meal.

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In order to convert it into liquid form, take 1 to 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and add a bit hot water. You may add bone broth. Herbal tea may also be added. Stir it rapidly so that it may melt down. Drink it once it is melted properly. In order to determine the amount of coconut oil that should be consumed before a meal you may take help from the given guidelines.

Coconut Oil Dose For Weight Loss:

For 90 to 130 lbs. one table spoon of coconut oil before every meal. That makes 3 table spoon of oil per day.
For 131-180 lbs. 1.5 table spoon of coconut oil before every meal. That makes 4.5 table spoons of oil per day.
For 180 plus lbs. take 2 table spoon of coconut oil before every meal. That makes 6 table spoons of oil per day.

Another way of consuming coconut oil is to just eat it. It will attain liquid form in your mouth within a few seconds. Coconut capsules are also available and used by few people. If you feel queasy at first when taking coconut oil, add herbal bitters. This is an efficient remedy that helps your gall bladder and liver to adjust accordingly.

Gamma Linolenic Acid Supercharges Coconut Oil Weight Loss

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is one of the other critical and important facts that help in reducing and retaining weight. This must be present along with coconut oil. GLA speeds up metabolism and as a result, a lot of fat is flushed out. However, this happens in a different process. GLA enhances the brown fat present internally. Brown fat is always dominant in people who are overweight. It is also present in excess in women as well as youngsters. Active brown fat reduces metabolically as the body mass reduces. Women can use this brown fat constructively.

Most GLA is present in the meat of organs. A major quantity of it is found in the heart and liver. However, you do not need vast amounts of GLA. Tiny amounts suffice. When GLA is combined with coconut oil, the best results are achieved.

The refined quality of GLA is found in the oil capsules of black currant. The needed quantity of GLA is present in these capsules. It is neither related to estrogenic as is the evening primrose oil, nor is it better tolerated as compared to borage oil. It also contains the best quality of fatty acid.
Another option is to add coconut oil with the broth of bone in order to reduce maximum weight in minimum time.

What is the Best Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

One thing that should be kept in mind, do not get swayed by the rumor that all kinds of coconut oils help in weight loss. Coconut oil is not easy to obtain because it is highly resistant to heat destruction. Therefore, lots of solvents are added to obtain an extract of coconut oil. It is imperative to know about the reputation of the company from which you are getting coconut oil and the sources it is using to extract oil. In this way, you can ensure your safety against harmful and chemical ingredients. Most of the times only virgin and organic coconut oil is considered good for weight loss because organically it contains all the essential micro-nutrients as well as macro-nutrients and no chemical ingredients.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do you use coconut oil for weight loss?

Coconut oil can be used in various ways. People add it to their meals. Few just consume it like any other food. Some add it into the bone broth. However, the most effective use of coconut will be made when you consume it at least twenty minutes before your meal.

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How much coconut oil should I take for weight loss?

This really depends on a person and may vary from one person to another. However, lots of studies reveal that for an average person, around 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, which makes almost 30 ml, is an effective and efficient dose.

Is Raw Coconut good for weight loss?

There are lots of benefits attached to the consumption of raw coconut. It is not only antidiabetic but also anti-oxidant. It is also helpful in treating different diseases. Raw coconut, however, contains a lot of fats. Fats present in raw coconut are fairly healthy as compared to those that are harmful to health. Eating raw coconut does not help in weight loss. If you like eating raw coconut, try consuming the younger raw coconuts because they contain considerable low amounts of fatty acids.

How long does it take for coconut oil to work for weight loss?

The speed at which you achieve your weight-related results depends on many factors. It includes the dosage of coconut oil, along with your current weight and daily routine. Meals you take and exercise you do equally matters in this case. In one study, some 40 women were given 2 tablespoon of fats every day, with a bit of exercise, they lost around 2 pounds weight. However, one thing is for sure that coconut oil enhances metabolism and reduced appetite so its results are for longer times.

How do you use coconut oil for a flat stomach?

Usage is very much the same as mentioned previously. You may add coconut oil in either of your meals, in coffee, or may simply have a message. The best way is to consume it 20 minutes before your meal. It gives the best results because in this way, appetite is controlled and you feel satiated.

Does coconut oil massage reduce belly fat?

Coconut oil for weight loss

At first, this question used to be ambiguous with no precise answer. However, recent studies have shown that coconut oil contains massive amounts of omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E. when a slow massage is given on the belly part, these ingredients penetrate into the fat layers of the stomach through the skin pores. Once reached, coconut oil effectively and efficiently starts working on the mission of dissolving belly fat as much as possible. So, yes! Coconut oil massage reduces belly fat at a rapid pace.

Does putting coconut oil in your coffee help you lose weight?

Coconut oil has proved to be helpful in almost every aspect. Coffee is one of the favorite day starters of most of the world’s population today. When coconut oil is added into the coffee it helps in attaining and retaining ketosis. Ketosis is a state in metabolism in which a vast number of ketones are made up. These molecules are made when fat is broken down. Ketones play an important role as a fuel instead of glucose.

The maintenance of ketosis on a ketogenic diet is directly linked with weight loss. Lauric acid potentially helps in making ketones at a slower but sustained level. In this way, the metabolism works more steadily as compared to MCT’s. In this way, the addition of coconut oil in coffee is one of the effective ways of losing weight.


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