Clues to help you recognize ultra-processed foods


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More than memorizing them, it is convenient that you learn to recognize them. So you will not be deceived when making the purchase and organizing your diet.

Some clues to recognize ultra-processed food products:

They are prepared with more than 5 ingredients and not all of them are distinguishable with the naked eye. They contain nutritional values in which a high presence of unhealthy elements stands out.

For example, a high percentage of salt, trans fats, refined flours or added sugars. In its list of ingredients you find several E or other items that are not food and are not used in domestic kitchens. For example preservatives, flavor enhancers, food coloring, artificial flavorings or flavorings, among others.

Tricks that help you distinguish the ultra-processed

Read the list of ingredients on the label. This takes an order according to its quantity in the final product. If you find it strange or unnatural, be suspicious .Check the labeling for its nutritional values. High caloric values ​​and parameters such as saturated fat, sugar or salt are usually typical of ultra-processed foods.
At first glance, is the main ingredient of the same visible in the product you are holding in your hands?

Why eliminate ultra-processed foods from your diet

Knowing what ultra-processed foods are already gives indications about the negative of their consumption. These are not the only reasons to eliminate them from your diet, but the two most relevant ones.

Contribute to body weight gain and risk factors for various diseases

These types of products usually have a high energy intake but with a low nutritional contribution. It is also common for them to include high percentages of non-nutritive ingredients. These pose a health risk. Like salt, sugars or “bad” fats. Thus, its consumption favors obesity and drastically increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, among others.

There is a wide variety of studies documenting an increased risk of diseases such as colon cancer among those who consume ultra-processed foods every day.

They are designed for mass consumption and to worsen your lifestyle habits

Ultra-processed foods and drinks are designed to make you increasingly drawn to them. The abuse of flavor enhancers and artificial aromas, among others, “hooks.” It also makes your palate get used to them and lose the sensitivity to appreciate and enjoy more subtle flavors, typical of natural and unprocessed foods.

As if this were not enough, it is common for these foods to be very caloric and not very satisfying. What does this mean? That the consumer ingests a large amount to feel satisfied. And the more you eat, the more it damages your health and the further you stray from eating a healthy diet.

Three big lies of the ultra-processed and why not fall for them

They are associated with an attractive lifestyle and happiness but it is false.

It is not a reality, it is marketing, mere advertising. Really, and if you think coldly, do you think that consuming a specific type of ultra-processed snack makes you have more friends? Or does eating a certain bakery product make you happier?

Now that you know what ultra-processed foods are and how to distinguish which are ultra-processed foods, you just have to banish them from your usual diet.

Take care of yourself, enjoy and maintain good eating habits that help you enjoy health, well-being, quality of life and a healthy body weight with which to be and feel good.

Do not fall into the traps that the industry dedicated to this type of products throws daily. Be aware that it is in your hand to make key decisions for your health and well-being.

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