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Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex is a calorie burner that was introduced in 2010. It is enjoying tremendous success after some celebrities confessed of using this capsule on TV Shows. This is the best capsaicin supplement for weight loss, read on to uncover what famous celebrities have said about capsiplex:

  • Kelly Osbourne, fashion designer, actress and English singer, has publicly claimed to have bought and used Casiplex for weight loss.
  • Jennifer Lopez says she took Capsiplex to get rid of her postpartum pounds.
  • Britney Spears reported using the Capsiplex Slimming Capsule for a slender body.
  • Brad Pitt also testifies to the effectiveness of Capsiplex as a capsule to lose weight.

Should we trust these testimonials of celebrities? What is Capsiplex really worth? What does it contain? Where and how to buy it? I will try to answer precisely all of these question in this blog post.

What is Capsiplex ?

Capsiplex is a calorie burner and it is the product of Bauer Nutrition. It is manufactured in Wolfson Berg Laboratries in Larnaca, Cyprus under the guidance of a team of Medical Advisors experienced in development of dietary supplements. On its official website, Bauer Nutrition explains that this Capsiplexsupplement works on a natural and relatively simple principle based on increased energy expenditure to induce significant weight loss. Capsiplex is thus presented as a slimming capsule. Bauer Nutrition goes a step further and reveals the main ingredient: Capsium, better known as “hot pepper”

According to Bauer Nutrition’s medical advisors, spicy red pepper provides better caloric expenditure, increased metabolism and improved endurance. According to the manufacturer, the accumulation of fat in problem areas of the body can not resist the exclusive formula of the supplement. Taking a Capsiplex capsule every day (instead of several capsules for some fat burners) is enough to speed up thermogenesis and induce rapid breakdown of fat cells.

In addition, Capsiplex boosts the energy of its users. But, to reproduce these effects by consuming pungent red pepper, you will have to take 10g daily for several weeks. It is more convenient and reasonable to take Capsiplex whose concentrated formulation is based on Omnibead technology which promotes the absorption of capsium without the slightest irritation of the gastric and oral tract.

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Benefits of Taking Capsiplex:

Users of the food supplement can expect to burn an additional 278 calories before, during and after their physical activities (workouts or other daily exercises). You can expect to burn:

  • 3% more calories before physical exercise
  • 3% more calories during physical exercises;
  • and 12 times more calories in the first 60 minutes of any sports.

The supplement will help users control their appetite, boost their metabolism, increase their energy and significantly reduce their fat.

Capsiplex Ingredients:

Capsiplex owes its effectiveness not only to the pungent red pepper (main ingredient) but also to three natural components whose effects are not negligible in the process of Weight loss. Let me tell you benefits of these four precious ingredients that contribute greatly to the popularity of the capsule to lose weight.

Capsicum Extract:

One capsule contains 80mg of hot red pepper extract known as Capsicum Annuum. It contains several alkaloids such as dihydrocapsaicin and capsaicin. Capsaicin is known to stimulate the production of norepinephrine and adrenaline, two hormones that promote the burning of fat and sugars. And that’s not all ! Capsaicin is also capable of transforming white fat cells into brown fat cells, which are known to burn calories. It is better understood why the manufacturer of this supplement has chosen Capsicum as their main ingredient.

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of red pepper in slimming capsules. One of them, conducted in the United States in 2013, consisted of giving 2.6 mg of capsaicinoids (hot red pepper extracts) to participants for 6 days. It has been observed an increase in energy expenditure and the maintenance of metabolism at a high level, (without slowing down). In the opinion of researchers, capsaicinoids (including capsicum) induce a slight increase in the body because of their thermogenic nature, and boost thermogenesis, and thus contributes to the oxidation of fat. You can read about the study conducted on Effects of Capsaicin on Energy Expenditure here.


One Capsiplex fat burner capsule contains 138 mg of caffeine. (Be careful, the recommended daily intake is 200 mg to 300 mg for a healthy adult.) This alkaloid discovered in 1819, stimulates the heart and nervous system. Caffeine promotes the release of fat (lipolytic effect), boosts thermogenesis and induces fat burning (thermogenic effect). It reduces the appetite by giving you a feeling of satiety. It increases concentration and alertness and helps to be more enduring by low sensitivity to fatigue. Researchers have begun to understand the relationship between metabolism, thermogenic caffeine response, and weight loss in women with obesity.


Extracted from black pepper, piperine helps lower the level of glucose and bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, this alkaloid dosed at 5mg Capsiplex capsule, boosts the metabolism, helps to remove the white fats from their storage areas and to use them as energy. The usefulness of piperine has been demonstrated in a rodent study. The latter were subjected to a diet rich in lipids for 2 months to develop metabolic reactions related to obesity. After that, they were divided into 2 groups.

Those in the first group continued the high-fat diet while the second group of individuals received, in addition, 40 mg / kg of piperine for 21 days. The research team observed that piperine-treated rodents have increased levels of good cholesterol and decreased bad cholesterol. Also, the administration of piperine has helped to slow the accumulation of fat through the activation of enzymes such as protein lipase. You can read about this study here.

Vitamin B3:

In addition to promoting the regulation of blood sugar, bad cholesterol levels and the conversion of nutrients into energy, vitamin B3 or niacin has an anti-inflammatory effect on adipose tissue. Vitamin B3 is present in Capsiplex at a rate of 16mg per capsule as it helps release energy from fats, proteins and carbohydrates. As a result, the body uses this energy more efficiently.

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How to Take Capsiplex ?

Capsiplex Slimming Capsule is very powerful. This is why the dosage consists of taking one capsule once a day each day as follows.

Day Without Physical Training:

It is advisable to take a capsule with a glass of water in the morning, especially before breakfast to let the supplement work longer during the day.

Training Day:

It is strongly recommended that you take one Capsiplex capsule an hour or thirty minutes before the start of your physical activity. This precaution allows you to take full advantage of the capsule to lose weight. Its content of Capsaicin (whose thermogenic action are undeniable), is an asset for people who want to lose weight effectively. Indeed, it helps to increase metabolism before, during and after physical exercise to burn more fat, and improve endurance and performance.

Whether a training day or not, it is not recommended to take this food supplement in the afternoon, because of its caffeine content. Caffeine may cause insomnia to some users who are sensitive to it. Keep in mind that this slimming capsule is taken only once, in the morning with a glass of water.

Effects of Capsiplex:

Because of the undeniable quality of its ingredients and meticulously measured dosages, Capsiplex has tremendous effects in the body. Read some of its major benefits below.

Metabolism Acceleration:

Due to its meticulous dosage of capsaicin and caffeine Capsiplex slimming capsules accelerate metabolism by activating thermogenesis. This slight increase in heat in the body will induce lipolysis or fat burning that allows the body to have the energy needed for physical effort. This burning of adipose tissue and energy production by thermogenesis is possible because the body uses available brown fat.

Scientific research has been successful in proving since 2009 that brown fat was not confined to hibernating animals and infants. It is now known that adult men and women also have brown fat, stored in areas such as the neck, armpits and around the spine, heart and kidneys. Capsiplex burns brown fat for thermogenesis and burns white fat accumulated in areas such as the abdomen, hip and thighs to produce the energy that can be used by the body.

Increases Calorie Burning Process:

how to have enough brown fat to burn calories, induce thermogenesis and burn white fat to produce the energy needed by the body?

The answer is simple thanks to a hormone, irisine, and thanks to sport and / or Frisian. According to the scientists, cycling for one hour makes it possible to secrete irisin and produce as much brown fat from the white fats as 15 minutes of chills at a temperature of about -19 ° C. According to researchers, 100g of brown fat allows the burning of about 100g of white fats. For the record, irisin was only discovered in 2012 by scientists at Harvard University.

Appetite Control Due to Appetite Suppressant Effect:

According to researchers, capsaicin is a natural appetite suppressant. In this regard, a study conducted at Laval University in Quebec by the Laboratory of Physical Activity Sciences proves that capsaicin activates satiety in the brain, thanks to its similarity with a molecule present in the body and that is hypothalamus. Although Omnibead technology does not burn the oral cavity or the esophagus, capsaicin retains its properties. It gives a feeling of satiety and you no longer have cravings and you do not nibble anymore or not much as before.

Plus, you do not eat the same amounts of food and do not feel any deprivation. On the contrary, you feel comfortable as if your food ration had always been so small. In the long run, Capsiplex allows you to adopt a healthier eating habit, so even after you stop taking the capsule you will not suffer the yoyo effect since you’ve become used to being more looking to the contents of your plate.

Increase of Good Fats and Decrease of Bad Fats:

Capsiplex, because of its niacin content significantly reduces blood lipid levels. The slimming capsule lowers the rate of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. Therefore, your good cholesterol level will improve and promote efficient vascularization of adipose tissue.

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Capsiplex Customer Reviews:

Because of its effectiveness and endorsement by celebrities, Capsiplex Slimming Capsule sells like hot cakes. On social networks and in traditional media, the testimonials of satisfied customers are legion. It should be noted that the capsule is certainly effective for a very large number of people, but may not work in others.

The Capsiplex Slimming Capsule works perfectly for some customers who are happy to have lost tens of kilograms of fat. This is for example the case for Eglantine who testifies to have lost 21 kg in one year. Her husband lost 8 in just 120 days.

On the other hand, the capsule did not work for certain customers. This is particularly the case of Agathe who has not yet obtained the expected result. Did Agathe follow the instructions? Did she use Capsiplex for a reasonable period of time? who can answer these questions? And it is often this bias that suggests that it is better to take the customer reviews with tweezers because all the contours of the situation experienced by a customer are not specified.

Capsiplex Side Effects:

Certainly Capsiplex slimming capsule is formulated from natural ingredients but, the natural character of the components is not a guarantee of safety for everyone. There may be people allergic to a natural product that is good for the greatest number of users. This is particularly the case of capsaicin: some people are allergic so they can not use capsiplex. Gastric reflux, burns, and stomach irritation may occur in people who can not tolerate Capsaicin.

Others develop a sensitivity more or less important to the caffeine contained in this capsule to lose weight. In any case, all users do not  react in the same way to this dietary supplement. Sensitivity to caffeine or even overdose could result in moodiness, irritability, increased heart rate, insomnia, dizziness. In very rare cases, people may have panic attacks after intense physical exertion. If you are taking medication, it is best to refrain from taking Capsiplex. Otherwise, you can seek the advice of a doctor before taking this capsule.


Only one capsule should be administered within a period of 24 hours. Taking Capsiplex is not recommended for the following people:

  • Children under 18 years old
  • Women in pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Patients with cardiovascular disorders
  • Patients undergoing medical treatment or people taking at least one other dietary supplement,

These patients must take the advice of their doctor before taking Capsiplex.

Recommendations and Advice of Use:

It is recommended to keep the slimming capsule out of the reach of children. Do not take this slimming capsule when you have already taken it in the morning. Above all, do not try to take it in the afternoon, or at bedtime. If you plan to lose 8 to 10 kg, you must follow a course of 2 to 3 months. Beyond this goal, that is to say if you want to lose 12 to 15 kg of fat, plan a course of 6 months divided as follows: 3 months in a row, a break of one month, then another 3 months in a row. According to specialists, you will have fast and very interesting results if you associate it with a healthy, balanced diet and some regular (not necessarily intense) sports activities such as walking, dancing, cycling and swimming.

Where to Buy Capsiplex ?

Outside the United Kingdom and the United States, this slimming capsule is not available in pharmacies. To obtain it, it is important to place an order on the official website of Bauer Nutrition.

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Capsiplex Price:

Capsiplex dietary supplement prices are relatively low. If you buy a single box, you will have to pay $49.95. And this will allow you to follow a course of 30 days because each box contains 30 capsules.

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Bauer Nutrition can deliver Capsiplex anywhere in the world, to the address indicated at the time of order. Once the price is paid by the customer, the slimming capsule is packaged and shipped within 24 hours, so that the customer can receive his parcel between 24 and 48 business hours.


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